You can soon be notified when your identity card or passport expires

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-09 16:34:02

A new government-authorized database will alert passport and ID card holders when their title expires. This system should also make it possible to unclog town halls.

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It is sometimes necessary to wait several weeks or several months in certain regions of France to have a renewal or an identity document. This despite the increase in the number of civil servants in some municipalities.

However, things could be better since the government has just adopted a decree “ authorizing the creation of personal data processing relating to passports and national identity cards “, relays BFMTV. This approach should thus allow send [the holder] any information relating to his title, which will in particular allow him to be informed of the availability of his title as well as of its upcoming expiry ».

This is a way to avoid the risk of congestion in the town hall but also to anticipate the steps to follow for a renewal. This is to avoid long lead times.

Avoid inconvenience with your passport when traveling by plane

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Furthermore, this system could also allow holders of passport not to find yourself grounded at the airport because of an expired or expiring ticket.

The procedures can also be done online with a pre-request. However, the submission of the file can be done by appointment only, in certain town halls.

Finally, if your passport has been expired for two years, the formalities are identical to those of a valid passport. But if your passport has been expired for more than two years, you will need to provide a ID up to date or expired for less than five years.