You can buy this car for 19 euros, provided you find where it is parked

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 16:50:02

In New York, the artist collective MSCHF launched a great treasure hunt by marketing 1,000 keys that all open the same car. But you still have to locate it...

The MSCHP group is a collective of New York artists known for their large-scale creative operations. In recent days, the group has organized a kind of giant treasure hunt in the streets of New York. Indeed, MSCHF sold 1,000 keys of car , at 19 euros each.

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All these keys unlock one and the same car, hidden in the streets of New York . Indeed, its position is unknown and to have clues to locate the vehicle, it is necessary to call the group's hotline. Thus, no key holder knows where to find the car, which has been dubbed Key4All for the occasion. The only way to find it is to use the party-provided key fob, which lights up green when it approaches the vehicle .

A car shared by 1,000 people

If a participant finds the car, they have the right to drive it…just like the other 999. Since all keys unlock the same car, it can be driven by anyone who finds it.

“The car is transient and impossible to own, a journey and a temporary blessing , can we read on the group’s website. It is a contest without the security of victory. If you find the car, it's yours. But if you want to enjoy the fruits of your victory and your driving, you have to accept the risk of taking the car out into the world and having another errant driver snatch the vehicle away from you. »

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This car can be used indefinitely, until it is destroyed or impounded. Thanks to this operation, it is therefore theoretically possible to have a car for 19 euros, the price of the key… provided you do not have it borrowed.

Behind this operation, the collective seeks to make a lively criticism of American society and brings a reflection on the notion of ownership and sharing.

Source : Creapills