Yes, this photo of Jean Castex in the metro is real and shows that the ex-Prime Minister has given up his benefits

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 19:57:01

A photo of Jean Castex sitting in transport has become a real meme. It is however true.

Discreet since his departure from Matignon on May 16, Jean Castex has been talking about him again these days for a rather unusual reason.

The 57-year-old former Prime Minister is thus the subject of an unexpected buzz on the web due to a photo on which we see it in the subway Parisian, like 'everyman'.

Photographed in the metro, Jean Castex gave up most of his benefits

If some people first thought it was a 'fake', this shot, which has gone viral and has been hijacked several times on social networks, is very authentic.

Today president of Afit (Agency for financing transport infrastructure in France), the former head of government indeed regularly takes public transport (see photo below) and has decided to give up most of the benefits to which he was entitled by virtue of his former function, as explained by our colleagues from France Television.

The surroundings of Jean Castex thus confirms that he has indeed refused the car as well as the driver which was made available to him, when he could benefit from it as provided for by an official decree.

Benefits that can be enjoyed by former Prime Ministers for 10 years up to the age of 67.

The native of Gers has also given up on the unlimited police protection to which former residents of Matignon are traditionally entitled.

The only advantage he would have retained would be the provision of a private secretary.

This choice of Jean Castex is rare enough to be underlined and contrasts with that of his predecessors because, as the Ministry of the Interior recalled in 2019, ten former Prime Ministers continued, for example, to benefit from reinforced security 3 years ago. year.

Protective devices that would have cost the State nearly 2.8 million euros in 2019 alone.

Source : Radio France