Wrongly accused of theft by Walmart, she wins her lawsuit and receives 2.1 million dollars

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 12:39:02

A woman, unfairly accused of stealing from a store, has won her case against a retail giant in the United States.

Credit: Sundry Photography/iStock

Lesleigh Nurse is from Alabama, USA. While she was doing her courses at Walmart, an American retail giant (equivalent to our Leclercs, Cora, Auchan), Lesleigh Nurse decided to switch to a box in free-service.

As is the case with automatic checkouts, Lesleigh Nurse scanned her products herself. The young woman then paid for her groceries and that's when the machine froze. Thinking of a simple bug, Lesleigh, groceries in hand and payment made, headed for the exit.

But when leaving the store , the young woman was arrested by a security guard who accused her of shoplifting. Thinking of a misunderstanding, Lesleigh Nurse explained to the employees that she had paid before the machine froze.

Compensation for the wrongfully accused

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As reported by an American media, Tip Hero, the case of Lesleigh Nurse was dismissed a year later. However, the matter did not end there. Lesleigh received letters from a Florida-based law firm threatening to sue her if she did not pay 200 dollars (207.64 euros). A sum significantly higher than the price of the races she would have tried to steal a year earlier.

Determined not to let it go, Lesleigh never responded to the threats from the law firm without, however, ignoring the letters. The case ended in court where Lesleigh Nurse sued Walmart.

During the hearing, Lesleigh said the threatening letters were sent on behalf of Walmart. At trial, it was disclosed that Walmart ' engaged in a pattern and practice of falsely accusing innocent citizens of Alabama of shoplifting and then attempting to collect money from the innocent accused '. In two years, Walmart has made hundreds of millions of dollars from this practice.

The jury therefore ruled in favor of Lesleigh, awarding her $2.1 million in compensation.

Source : TipHero