World Cup 2022: Is it true that fans have to leave Qatar after their team is eliminated?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 13:01:01

Abundantly relayed on social networks, the info that claims that fans must leave Qatari territory, within two days of the elimination of their favorite team, turns out to be false.

This is information that comes back with insistence on social networks!

The supporters present in Qatar for the world Cup players have an obligation to leave the country 48 hours after the elimination of their team?

Contrary to what some people claim, this information is false and foreign nationals, who are currently in the small Gulf emirate to support their favorite teams, will not have to leave Doha on the sly in the event of a rout of their players. .

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Qatar: supporters will not be forced to leave the country if their team is eliminated

As our colleagues from 20 minutes remind us, “ no official website mentions this rule which in any case would be difficult to apply in practice.

« This is information we had in April (...) but it is false “, thus confirmed the association of supporters of the Blues, baptized “Irresistible French”, which the regulars of the Stade de France know well.

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However, tourists attending the World should keep in mind that there are certain rules for staying in Qatar.

« Whatever the reason for the stay, from November 1 and until December 23, 2022, only visitors holding a ticket for a match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and accommodation covering the duration of their stay stay at Qatar will be allowed to enter the territory “, can we read thus on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign nationals who hold a ticket will also be able to make a request to bring three additional people (...) for a payment “, adds 20 minutes.

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How to stay in Qatar

The Qatari authorities have also clarified that as of December 2, “ supporters without a match ticket will be able to obtain a Hayya card (entry permit to the country, editor’s note) and enter Qatar ».

« International fans can use the printed or digital entry permit to re-enter Qatar as long as their Hayya card status remains approved and valid until December 23, 2022. “, further specifies the site officiel de la carte Hayya.

« The fan id (another name for the Hayya card) is valid until January 2023. No obligation to return if you have accommodation etc. “, confirms for its part the association of “Irresistibles French”.

Source : 20 Minutes