'Without us': the 'Quotidien de La Réunion' announces its boycott of the World Cup in Qatar

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 18:22:04

It is the first French media, and one of the two main newspapers on the island, to boycott the football world cup in Qatar. The daily evokes 'intolerable attacks on dignity, human freedoms, minorities, the planet'.

Credit: Jozef Durok/ iStock

« Without us “, it is with this headline in their newspaper that the Reunion newspaper made his announcement. With these words, the Reunionese newspaper indicates its choice not to cover the planetary sporting event.

It was in a press release that the newspaper declared, on the evening of Monday, September 12, its intention to boycott the global. There will be ' more […] neither articles nor advertisements evoking the sporting aspect of this Mondial-2022 “wrote the newspaper to its media colleagues.

The Reunion newspaper thus becomes the first media in France to announce its boycott of the FIFA World Cup. football .

'Our newspaper will boycott anything related to the sporting event,' the newspaper said.

Stade Khalifa in Doha, Qatar. Credit : emson/iStock

In the wake of this major announcement, Vincent Vibert, the newspaper's director, declared in particular: ' Our newspaper will boycott everything related to the sporting event, but will relay information related to the ecological and human issues raised by the competition. ».

A strong choice on the part of the daily, which also adds that it wants to comply with its editorial line which ' defends the values ​​of respect, benevolence, commitment, independence and freedom of expression ».

This decision was proposed by the officials of the sports department of the newspaper, recalls Vincent Vibert, before it was validated by the whole reaction. This follows the many controversies that shake the organization of this world championship in Qatar 2022 as the violation of human rights and freedoms as well as environmental problems.

Will other French or international media follow the Reunion newspaper in this process? The World Cup in Qatar will take place from November 20 to December 18.

Source : South West