With her extraordinary feet, this woman holds an unusual world record

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 17:03:02

Portrait of an extraordinary Texan who has just been recognized as the woman with the biggest feet in the world.

Tanya Herbert is an illustrious unknown and yet this 39-year-old American is the holder of one of the world's records. world the most unusual.

This resident of Houston, Texas has the distinction of being the woman with the largest feet on the planet. She indeed wears a 51.

Crédit photo : Guinness World Records / You Tube

This woman holds the world record for the largest female feet

Are record was approved last October by the prestigious Guinness Book, which tells us that the exact size of Tanya's feet is 33 cm for the right and 'only' 31.5 cm for the left.

Dimensions that seem incredible, but not so surprising when you know that it measures… 2.05 meters. An impressive height that she most certainly inherited from her parents who both peaked at more than 1m90.

« I'm tall and I have big feet. I know a lot of women say they hate being tall, but I never felt like that “, says Tanya in a average local.

« God created me like this. There's nothing I can do, so why not rejoice “, she continues.

Photo credit: @tlherbert / Instagram

Photo credit: @tlherbert / Instagram

Despite this unshakeable self-confidence, Tanya recognizes, however, that life is not always easy on a daily basis.

« The hardest part of having big feet is trying to find shoes that fit. “, she explains.

It must be said that its unusual size pushes it to adapt constantly because there is no shoe so large among women. So she generally buys the largest male models and then enlarges them, taking care to customize them in order to give them a more feminine appearance.

She could never have imagined that her physical singularity would bring her a little celebrity with this unusual record.

« Getting an award for having the biggest feet was really exciting, especially for something as trivial as feet. “, she concludes as well.

Source : Guinness World Records