Wind sculptor Theo Jansen exhibits his fabulous works in Bordeaux

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 12:20:02

The city of Bordeaux welcomes the poetic and complex creations of Theo Jansen. Portrait of an artist truly unlike any other.

Since 1 is October, passers-by who walk the Bordeaux quays witness a strange spectacle. A real fantastic ballet provided by creatures that seem to come to life as soon as a gust rises.

These animated shapes are actually works by Theo Jansen!

Example of “strandbeests” made by Theo Jansen. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The works of Theo Jansen, 'the sculptor of the wind', exhibited in Bordeaux

Nicknamed the 'sculptor of vent “, this 74-year-old Dutch artist has become a master in the art of sublimating these original silhouettes thanks to the gusts of wind. And it's been going on for 30 years.

Theo Jansen, nicknamed 'the sculptor of the wind'. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

His poetic works, baptized “strandbeests” (“beach beasts”), have toured the world and some can be admired in Bordeaux until the 1 is January 2023.

The imagination and creativity of the artist come from his childhood and his hours spent frolicking on the coast of The Hague, his hometown.

« I was almost born on this beach. I never actually grew up. I'm still a lonely little boy “, confides the septuagenarian in a report from France 2.

These beasts of the beach are real artistic feats but also and above all technological, because they call on ' very advanced scientific skills ».

« Physics occupies a large part of my brain. I have always been very surprised by the genesis of things in nature », Explains the man who has always cared about the well-being of the planet.

And this one pays him back by materializing his creativity, for a stunning result!

Today, Theo Jansen has decided to no longer travel to the four corners of the world to exhibit but his works will continue to go where the wind takes them.

Source : France 2