Why should you put a cactus in your bedroom at night?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 08:35:01

Plants have many benefits. One of them is to improve the indoor air quality of your home. To do so and make the most of the benefits of a plant, you can install a cactus in your room. We explain why.

Credit: Aleksandra Pavlova/ iStock

Indoor air, like outdoor air, is polluted. This is partly due to the household products you use to clean your home. It's a bit paradoxical when you think about it. You clean your house so that it is cleaner and healthier, however, the products used release toxic substances into the air. And it is the whole house, even in the bedroom, which is affected.

To regain the quality of your indoor air, devoid of any pollution binding, but also a sleep that is not altered by pollutants, there is a very simple way: keep a cactus in his room.

A cactus in your room to clean up indoor air

Credit: wuttichaijangrab/iStock

Like any plants , cactus is a natural solution for improving indoor air quality. Plus, this pretty succulent is a perfect depolluting plant for your bedroom. Along with ivy, Boston fern, aloe vera, dracaena and many more.

The cactus actually releases oxygen at night and carbon dioxide (CO2) during the day. You can thus place your cactus in your room, in the evening, when you go to bed.

And if by chance you become addicted to cacti, know that you can put them to good use next to your electronic devices. By placing them next to your television or computer, the cactus has the particularity of neutralizing the electromagnetic waves emitted. Or you can simply keep your cacti to beautify your home. Practical, no?

Source : The house diary