“Why is she so fat? “: Former tennis player Jelena Dokic denounces the insults of which she is the victim on social networks

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-24 17:34:10

Victim of a wave of grossophobic and sexist insults on social networks, the former world tennis number 4 spoke out to denounce this scourge which is growing far too much.

Credit: Jelena Dokic/ Instagram

Jelena Dokic made the good days of tennis between 1998 and 2014, the year in which she ended her professional career. Since then, the former WTA Tour champion has served as a post-match player interviewer at the Australian Open.

Unfortunately for the Australian, internet users seem less concerned with her post-match analysis and interviews than with her physique and weight.

The former athlete, tired of all these insults , took to her Instagram account on Monday January 23 to denounce internet trolls, with a selection of the few nice messages she receives on a daily basis.

“I find a way to survive and fight”

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« The most frequent comment is: what happened to him? Why is she so big? I'll tell you what happened: I found a way to survive and fight “Says the former player who has been a victim for years of humiliations and blows from his father.

Jelena Dokic has indeed gone through a very dark period when she thought about suicide. Last June, the Australian confided in an open heart about this period: “ I almost jumped off my balcony on the 26th floor, almost ended my life, I will never forget this day, everything was cloudy, everything was black, without sound, without light, nothing made sense ».

Credit: Jelena Dokic/ Instagram

Jelena Dokic has gradually regained the light by fighting, but now has to face the daily insults about her weight. ' People should be so ashamed […] Body shaming and fat shaming in the last 24 hours has been crazy “, she admits, before specifying that these comments come from all over the world but mainly from Serbia, the country of origin of her father, and in particular from women. ' So much for “women support women” “, she laments on Instagram.

« What matters is the online abuse, bullying and humiliation of fat people. That's what matters, because those of you who do are just bad, mean, ignorant people. ».