Why Gîtes de France is the best solution for all your weekends in France

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 10:24:01

It is well known: France is full of regions as beautiful as each other to discover urgently ... by offering a weekend with friends. Follow the leader !

« Nature is a sumptuous theater where every day is a spectacle '. This quote from essayist Monique Moreau reminds us how essential nature is to our well-being.

That's good, the hexagon is known for its magnificent regions to discover urgently. To do this, there are several options such as treating yourself to a weekend with friends. This exotic parenthesis will certainly bring you a breath of fresh air.

View of Lake Annecy. Photo credit: Istock

And the least we can say is that Gîtes de France brings together all the ingredients to make you live new experiences, in the heart of a natural environment. Without further ado, find out why Gîtes de France is the best solution for all your weekends in France.

Lodging and local activities galore

It's no secret: a green weekend with friends can never be refused. And who says short stay says dream rental! Do not panic, Gîtes de France offers 70,000 approved and controlled accommodations. Among them, let yourself be tempted by an unusual gîte in Burgundy or by a bed and breakfast on the farm, in the Aquitaine region. As you will have understood, there is something for everyone without having to compromise.

These destinations, as different as each other, share one thing in common: a total change of scenery without changing country. On the spot, let yourself be guided by the owners of the lodgings who will not fail to make you discover the region from all its angles: villages castles, forests, festivals...

Authentic and eco-responsible tourism

This tourism of authenticity is also an opportunity to test local sports and cultural activities, as well as to immerse yourself in the heart of the local heritage. You can, for example, stay with winegrower owners and learn about their knowledge of vines and wine. In Brittany, stroll along the wild beaches and smell the sweet scent of the local flora.

When the weather permits, nothing prevents you from organizing a barbecue, taking a dip in the swimming pool or taking a Trek and other sports. Simply sort the filters at the time of booking. These activities to do with friends will turn into great memories to tell in the evening.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

For the most gourmet among you, whet your taste buds with local products and local gastronomy. If you set your sights on Alsace, let yourself be tempted by baeckeoffe and streusel. One thing is certain: you will not be disappointed with the trip!

Concerned about the environment, Gîtes de France has developed sustainable tourism, in particular by offering rentals labeled 'Ecogîtes', in a preserved and natural habitat, respectful of the environment. This approach to preserving natural resources will allow you to enjoy your stay and your friends while being eco-responsible.