White and wood kitchen: 20 ultra trendy ideas

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 18:22:05

Wood and white bring elegance to a kitchen. This combination is popular with decorating enthusiasts. Here are 20 white and wood kitchen ideas.

White and wood, between purity and warmth

Modern wood and white kitchen Credits: hikesterson

The cuisine is one of the most important rooms in a house or apartment. It is a space where cooking and eating are true pleasures. The family also gathers there to spend time together. The kitchen has changed a lot since its installation in modern dwellings (house or apartment). You should know that in the past, it was a separate room, even outside the house. Today, the kitchen has become a real living room.

One of the best combinations for decorating the kitchen is that of the wood a you blanc . The wood brings a lot of warmth piece. This is a very versatile material that easily matches any style of decor. He can make the kitchen modern , as it can bring a ambiance vintage , almost classic. As to blanc , this color is synonymous with purity . The White brings a lot of light to one open kitchen . And just like wood, white is a color that adapts perfectly to any style of decoration . It's all about paying attention to every detail and properly laying out the kitchen so as not to overload it. In decoration, whether it is a kitchen, a bedroom, a dining room, a living room or any other room in the house or apartment, it's all about balance .

20 white and wood kitchen ideas

Trendy kitchen Credits: hikesterson

Do you lack ideas for the layout of a wood and white kitchen? Here are our tips.

Classic American cuisine

American kitchen Credits: sergiophoto84

The american style kitchen is the most common style of kitchen in a modern house or apartment. This is an L-shaped kitchen, tucked into a corner of the room. The American kitchen offers enough work space and its layout is intelligently thought out so that the kitchen is as functional as possible.

For this style of kitchen, opt for a worktop and furniture from storage (cupboards, drawers, etc.) as well as a wooden credenza. Simply paint the walls white, and you're done.

The bohemian-inspired kitchen

Bohemian cuisine Credits: 2Mmedia

The bohemian style is a very popular trend right now. Indeed, the bohemian style makes the kitchen cozy and pleasant to look at. You are sure to love spending time there, both eating and preparing delicious meals.

The particularity of the bohemian style is that it is a current of design decoration, while remaining simple and without fuss.

The bohemian-inspired kitchen generally has a small dining table to recall the friendliness . Why not choose a wooden table? Also add a pristine white floor and walls. You can even take it a step further by painting the wood white. Just be careful not to overdo it, so that the wood doesn't lose its iconic natural charm.

The wood / white / design kitchen

Cuisine design Credits : ArchiViz

A cuisine design  is generally based on a punctilious decoration, and with geometrically shaped accessories and furniture. A designer kitchen is automatically equipped with a central island , one of the most important elements for today's kitchens. You can enhance the wood by installing tealight holders and street lamps in wood. This creates an interesting contrast with the designer style.

The trendy country-chic kitchen

Cuisine country chic Credits : vicnt

For a kitchen layout project, opt for the tendance country-chic . It is characterized by huge wooden beams installed in a grid pattern on the kitchen ceiling. The raw effect of the wood creates a rustic atmosphere in your kitchen. For the country-chic trend, opt for storage furniture, as well as a floor in white. To go to the end of things, it is possible to replace the central island with a bar.

The white kitchen, wood and a touch of color

Cuisine moderne Credits : Space_Cat

In modern decoration , a splash of color is always welcome. You can for example paint a wall green and leave the other walls blank. Green is a color that goes wonderfully with wood. Associated, green and wood exacerbate the natural atmosphere brought by your interior decoration.

The trendy retro kitchen

Cuisine vintage Credits : jgroup

As time passes, the old things are becoming more important to us. This is why the retro style is also appreciated when it comes to interior decoration. the look vintage can be perfectly adapted to a kitchen. For example, you can opt for appliances in a style reminiscent of appliances from years past.

For this style of decoration, it is advisable to install a solid wood workspace. Paint the rest of the room white. And to create an interesting color contrast, you can for example choose to install a red vintage refrigerator, or even a black metal sink and faucet, very trendy at the moment.

The small white and wood kitchen

Small wood and white kitchen Credits: in4mal

If you have a small kitchen , the key is to succeed in bringing in as much light as possible in order to give the impression that the room has more space. If possible, install your kitchen near a window, or dig a window where the kitchen should be.

White is a bright color, perfect for small kitchens.

The large sleek white and wood kitchen

Sleek kitchen Credits: hikesterson

A kitchen at sleek style must always appear clean and tidy. This is precisely why white is the ideal color for this type of kitchen. However, it is necessary to choose the storage furniture to install for a kitchen in this style. Their style should be as simple as possible, without frills and with clean, straight lines. It is also preferable to opt for storage furniture without glass, so that the look of the kitchen remains uniform.

The mix of white, wood and black colors

Kitchen in white, wood and black Credits: ArchiViz

The black and white are opposite colors, but perfect for an interior decoration. Putting several touches of black in a decoration in white and wood is a track to dig. For example, it is possible to paint the edge of the storage units black. It is also possible to opt for small accessories in black, such as knives, household appliances or drawers and cupboard doors for storage.

The minimalist style kitchen

Minimalist cuisine Credits: Serghei Starus

The minimalism is characterized by doing as little as possible, to achieve something relatively simple. A minimalist kitchen goes to the essentials, without decoration or superfluous accessories. Minimalism is more than a decorative trend. It's a real way of life applied to all different aspects of life.

The timeless Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian cuisine Credits: Bulgac

The scandinavian kitchens are timeless classics. Scandinavian facades are elegant, while remaining very sober. If you are interested in this style, know that the market has many brands specializing in Scandinavian furniture.

The white and wood kitchen with central marble island

Modern kitchen with marble island Credits: hikesterson

L’ central island is one of the most visual elements in a kitchen. The white islands are refined and elegant. The ideal island is White marble marbled effect ( two-tone black and white ) with a solid wood leg.

The kitchen with a mix of materials

Cuisine moderne Credits : imaginima

To highlight the modernity of a kitchen, it is possible to make a mix of materials . In a wood and white kitchen, you can install various black metal elements , whether it is floor lamps, the sink or even supports for shelves . The black metal for the table and chair legs is also very effective. To put the black metal in value, opt for a floor in white tiles.

The kitchen with color contrasts

Kitchen in white, wood and green Credits: brizmaker

In decoration, every detail counts. In a predominantly white kitchen, put little touches of color here and there becomes very obvious. For example, it is possible to install a worktop in a bright, trendy and eye-catching colour, which creates the ideal contrast. The furniture and the credenza can also be colored. The key is to choose a bright color that catches the eye.

La cuisine monochrome en blanc

Cuisine moderne monochrome Credits : imaginima

Why not try the floor to ceiling white kitchen ? Monochrome is all the rage right now. For a successful monochrome, paint the wood in the kitchen white.

The fully equipped wood and white kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen Credits: hikesterson

A kitchen must be functional . Thus, opt for high-end kitchen equipment, for optimal practicality.

The ethnic style wood and white kitchen

Kitchen with green plants Credits: CreativaStudio

To bring exoticism to your decoration, mix wood and white with plants green. They can be in pots and placed on the work surface or on the island. They can also be hung for better effect.

The wood and white kitchen with an industrial atmosphere

Industrial style kitchen Credits: hikesterson

The industrial style is also seeping into our kitchens. It is characterized by the strong presence of metallic elements in the general decoration. It is perfect for a predominantly wood and white kitchen decoration.

The chic bistro-style wood and white kitchen

Chic bistro cuisine Credits: hikesterson

The chic bistro brings an authentic atmosphere. Opt for this style with wooden beams on the ceiling and on the walls, for a rustic effect. A white bar will be associated with high metal chairs, to accentuate the rustic side.

The wood and white closed kitchen

Modern Closed Kitchen Credits: Serghei Starus

If your kitchen is closed , get to the point. Choose minimalism to avoid cluttering the room as much as possible.