While waiting for his kebab, he discovers that he has won 4.5 million euros

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 16:31:03

While on vacation, a man learned that he had won 4.5 million euros in EuroMillions while waiting for his kebab.

On vacation in the Hautes-Alpes with his wife, a sexagenarian decided to try his luck at the EuroMillions by buying a ticket.

“While his wife is taking information from the Puy-Saint-Vincent tourist office, this occasional EuroMillions player slips away to validate a flash grid at the nearby point of sale” , says the French Games.

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Busy with his holidays, the man puts the ticket at the bottom of his wallet and does not worry about whether it is a winner or not.

He earns 4.5 million euros

At the end of his vacation, while waiting for his kebab, the man remembered that he had bought a EuroMillions ticket without checking if he was a winner. While waiting for his order to be ready, the sexagenarian went to the nearest point of sale to check his receipt.

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To his surprise, he discovered that he had won the jackpot, a sum of 4.5 million euros. Shocked by this great news, he rushed home and dropped off his kebab barely started in the fridge.

“Once he arrives, he puts the leftovers of his meal in the refrigerator and waits for his wife to share his joy. She comes in, is about to pour herself a cold drink and notices a box of kebabs at the back of the fridge. She questions her husband, who does not usually eat this type of food. 'You won't believe me, it's a golden kebab,' he replies, amused. He then announces the big news to him by making him gradually guess the amount. , says the FDJ.

He validates his ticket in extremis

What the happy winner did not know when validating his ticket, it was because he only had one day left to do so. Thus, he validated his ticket in extremis, at the last minute. For several days, the man had been wanted by the Française des Jeux and numerous advertisements appeared in the media in order to find him, without his being aware of it.

“I won everything but, within a few hours, I could also have lost everything” , he confided.

With this money, the lucky winner wishes to 'help his loved ones, afford a new main residence, travel to South America and discover beautiful restaurants with his family'.

Source : France Blue