When tennis player Novak Djokovic helps an elderly woman in the middle of Paris

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 11:59:02

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has recently demonstrated that he is a respectful and caring man. Details.

Often criticized (wrongly or rightly) for his behavior that some describe as excessive, Novak Djokovic this time distinguished himself in the most beautiful way off the courts, showing an unknown facet of his personality.

Currently in Paris where he participates in the tournament of Bercy of which he is the title holder, the Serb thus came to the aid of an elderly woman, who was having the worst difficulty carrying her suitcase, which was obviously too heavy.

Photo credit: @iamjomoreira

Novak Djokovic helps an elderly woman in the middle of Paris and Twitter appreciates

Immortalized by a surfer, the scene took place on October 30 in the gardens of Bercy, located near the Accor Arena (POPB).

The ex-world number one was jogging in the aisles of the park when he came across this person. He then stopped and kindly offered his help to carry the luggage for several tens of meters, thus relieving this elderly lady who did not ask for so much.

Shared on Twitter, the sequence aroused respect and admiration on the web.

Viewed nearly 200,000 times, the video was indeed commented on by many anonymous people who praised the exemplary behavior of the champion, now 35 years old.

Despite his status as an international star which could make him forget the meaning of reality a little, Novak demonstrates on the contrary that he is a respectful and well-educated man, far from the image he sometimes sends back.

After a complicated start to the year, marked by his refusal to be vaccinated - which deprived him of the Australian Open and the US Open -, Novak Djokovic has since raised his head, notably winning the Wimbledon tournament, his 21st Grand Slam tournament.