What is the price of the new iPhone 14 and is it justified?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-24 10:59:01

On September 16, Apple released the new iPhone 14. More expensive than the previous one, is its price really justified? Answer below.

Attention loyal Apple customers! The brand new iPhone 14 was released on September 16 and continues to be talked about. With its new features, it remains an excellent smartphone, but at what price? By releasing this new device, Apple increased the cost of the iPhone, but is this increase justified?

Photo credit: Rhinoshield

Like all items currently on sale, the price of the iPhone 14 is not immune to inflation. Its cost is even higher than that of iPhone 13 released last year, since there are 110 additional euros. Above 1,000 euros, the iPhone 14 has a different price depending on its three versions: 1,019 euros for 128 GB, 1,149 euros for 256 GB and 1,409 euros for 512 GB. is not given and constitutes a real budget for those who would like to invest.

But is this price really justified? To find out, here are all the features of the iPhone 14.

The new features of the iPhone 14

To begin with, this smartphone is very efficient and responsive since you go from one application to another without waiting. The games are detailed and the device heats up less, which consumes its battery less quickly. Regarding the photos, we notice good progress: the quality of night photos is improved and gives impressive results in low light. Thanks to the wide-angle sensor, the images are more detailed and we also notice an improvement in the quality of the videos.

Photo credit: Rhinoshield

On the plus side, the iPhone 14 promises a two-day battery life, which is a real improvement for Apple. The brand also guarantees six years of updates, a record for the iPhone. In addition to this, the device has a new gyroscope that detects road accidents and automatically alerts rescuers.

On the screen side, there is no big difference with the iPhone 13. On the new device, only the notch is reduced and takes up less space on the screen, although it remains quite imposing. Like the screen, the sound is similar to the iPhone 13 except that the device transmits low frequencies better.

Protect your iPhone 14

While the new iPhone has many similarities to its predecessor, it may be worth buying if you haven't had a recent iPhone in a few years. However, if you already have an iPhone 13, this purchase might not be very worthwhile given its price. If you want to take the plunge and buy the iPhone 14, paying more than 1,000 euros will undoubtedly make you want to protect your device well.

For this, you can turn to brands that sell accessories to protect your smartphone, such as Rhinoshield. On the occasion of the release of the iPhone 14, Rhinoshield has released a whole range of accessories such as iphone 14 cases , GRIP and tempered glass screen protectors.

Photo credit: Rhinoshield

To protect your phone, Rhinoshield offers 4 different shells: a transparent shell that does not turn yellow, an ultra-resistant shell to shocks and falls, an interchangeable back shell and a shell that has a handle to ensure better hold of the phone. device. These 4 products can be personalized with photos or text and Rhinoshield also offers official collections such as Naruto, Harry Potter, League of Legends, Disney or Van Gogh.

In addition to this, Rhinoshield markets products to protect the iPhone 14 screen such as tempered glass protectors as well as a 3D screen protector that covers the entire iPhone screen. These protectors can be transparent and anti-reflective, but they can also protect you from prying eyes.

If you want to buy the new iPhone 14 to take advantage of its new features, you are spoiled for choice to protect it in the best possible way.