Wedding table: 30 decorative ideas to inspire

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 17:25:01

The wedding table decoration must be carefully chosen in order to create a warm atmosphere. Ideas to inspire you in this task.

1- Floral table center

Bouquets of flowers arranged in a row Photo credit: Kenzaza

A decoration of wedding table successful is elegant and sober, without imposing too much on the rest of the room. It must highlight the other accessories and respect the chosen theme. Thus, a few flowers arranged around a rose or two are enough to have a pretty centerpiece.

2- Natural table number

A nice table number with date Photo credit: Cucurudza

Each element of the wedding table must be thought of as a decorative element . Thus, do not neglect the table number. The big trend at the moment is the use of a wooden model with a burlap. This style is best suited for a bohemian themed wedding and rural.

3- Place card in a small log

A small log that will serve as a place marker Photo credit: Clement Peiffer

Another neglected decorative element on the reception venue tables is the placeholder. However, all ideas are good as long as they are aesthetic and original. The small logs that can be ordered in the store of deco wedding table are an ideal option if you are looking for originality and elegance.

4- Pine cone as a place card holder

Several pinecones dedicated to the presentation of the place brands Photo credit: Zdenek Venclick

You can choose the pinecone to elegantly present a place tag . It can be installed next to the table number or the central vase. You can also put it in the four corners of the table or try other ideas if you have any.

5- A tree bark vase

A sample tree bark vase on point before presentation to the newlyweds Photo credit: _curly

The idea of ​​a tree bark vase may seem impossible and surprising to you. Yet she is original and doable in DIY if you have time. Otherwise, the decorator of your room can take care of it. The investment is worth it, as the result is breathtaking, especially when the vase is adorned with flowers.

6- Matching table runner with the decor of the chair

Using matching paths and ribbons for chic decoration Photo credit: infinitusstudios

Ideally, prefer tablecloths in white to be able to play on the contrasts later. They will serve as a basis for wedding table decor . Then you can put a table runner in a color that matches the ribbon of the chairs. The chosen color must still respect the theme of the newlyweds.

7- Wedding table without cover

Massive wooden tables adorned only with plants and candle glasses Photo credit: olegbreslavtsev

At a nature-themed wedding, wooden wedding tables are decorative elements in their own right. You can leave them without a tablecloth for a natural and inexpensive decoration. the natural charm of its essence will operate during the party by composing a chic and elegant setting. You just have to choose the right cutlery to highlight them.

8- Wooden logs in the middle of the table

A wooden log serving as a support for a vase Photo credit: Ana Iacob

Logs have become essential for the decorating a wedding table . They remain elegant and original, whether for an outdoor or indoor celebration. They can even be used for other celebrations such as a baptism, a birthday or even a communion.

9- White tulips instead of traditional flowers

Beautiful white tulips in a jar vase Photo credit: BuckleyPics

You will create a unique style just by using plants. White tulips are perfectly suitable for a wedding, regardless of the theme . Installed in high vases, they can be easily combined with all colors and styles of decoration.

10- Decorative jars on the table

Decorative jars around a pumpkin transformed into a vase Photo credit: desertsolitaire

The jar can be the star of your decoration of wedding table. You can put several with different roles of course. A first jar can serve as a vase while a second can contain small gifts such as dragees for example.

11- Hanging vases

Floral vases suspended by ropes Credit: Freddy Napoleoni

The wedding table decoration can also be hung. Simply place jars filled with flowers and candles in height to create a warm environment . This trick is ideal when the tables are small or the party is taking place outside.

12- Matching plates with utensils and napkin

Matching yellow plates with matching bowls and forks Photo credit: Nataliia Sinchuk

Plates, spoon, fork and knives are more than just eating accessories. They are part of decorative elements of a wedding table. For example, you can choose plates with colored edges and utensils of the same color. Also don't forget to choose compatible lenses for an even more interesting aesthetic result.

13- Golden decoration for a refined room

A sober table with pretty golden cutlery Credit: Biserka Stojanovic

Gold, especially the golden color, is effective for create a festive atmosphere. You have several possibilities to embed it in your decoration. You can choose matching golden cutlery with the table runner, for example. The menu and the plates can also present an outline with the color of gold.

14- Candle glasses to enhance the flowers

Decorative accessories including candle glasses Photo credit: Serhii Sobolevskyi

Candle glasses are also welcome on a wedding table. They allow to create a warm atmosphere, much appreciated by the guests. Each room also highlights the bouquet of flowers and decorative objects nearby. In addition, you are spoiled for choice as to the model of glass and the color of the candles.

15- Candlesticks with candles for a romantic atmosphere

A decoration with silver candlesticks Photo credit: Andrey Sayfutdinov

Candlesticks are sometimes overlooked when decorating wedding tables. However, they can perfectly bring a particular style and consistent with the theme. They are especially very aesthetic on long and rectangular tables.

16- Chocolate as decoration

Des accessoires de décoration edible Photo credit: Sidney de Almeida

Chocolate can be transformed into a decorative element. There are also models ready to be installed in the shop. You can have glasses and chocolate candies to add an extra touch of elegance. Your guests will be amazed by the result and surprised at the same time that the decoration is edible.

17- Jar Menu Presentation

Pots used to present information Photo credit: bootsie322

An original menu presentation can also be decorative. For example, you can present it in the form of a stick in a small earthen pot for a nature theme. L' decoration idea is surprising while being aesthetic, especially at a wedding rural .

18- Menu and guest list on gold and glitter paper

Pretty menu in gold and glittery paper Photo credit: lavendertime

The gold of the menu brings a festive side as does the glittery aspect. The theme of the party is announced to the guests from the outset, especially if the menu is matched with the cutlery. They will expect a chic and festive entertainment as your table decoration shows.

19- Bouquets and lantern for a classy and original decoration

Bouquets of flowers and lantern with candle taken before their installation Photo credit: ChamilleWhite

You always have to focus on originality and aesthetics if you want to impress your guests. The presence of bouquets on a wedding table is usual. On the other hand, seeing a lit lantern in the middle of the table is rare. You can combine these elements on the same table for a surprising effect.

20- Tin cans turned into vases

Tin cans transformed into vasesPhoto credit: TINSCREATIONS06

Your flowers need vases that can sublimate them. Instead of opting for the usual models, you can make your own from tin cans. Take different sizes, then you open one of the lids to make a vase. You can paint them and arrange them as many as you want without cluttering the space.

21- Table runner made with plants

A path created from various plants Photo credit: primipil

For a nature-centered theme, a table runner made with plants brings cachet to the general decoration of the place of reception. You can mix flowers and roses with jute. You also have the possibility of creating some with a plant like eucalyptus. The latter is often present in country weddings.

22- A la carte menu with photo

A box chosen for the design of a menu with photo Photo credit: Grishin Ilya

The idea of ​​a à la carte menu with photo is not recent. However, it allows for a simple and effective decoration. In addition, diners appreciate being able to read and view a photo of their loved ones. You can even add thank you notes that will touch them at the same time.

23- Tall Glass Flower and Candle Vases

Vases ideal for holding flowers and candles Photo credit: Mariya Borisova

Vases are definitely essential when it comes to table decoration. In addition, there are several types allowing to consider original decorative styles. For example, you have the possibility of placing three vases of different sizes containing a flower at the bottom and a candle above.

24- Lantern containing roses

A perfect design lantern to highlight the beauty of a rose Photo credit: Ivan Dotsenko

The red roses symbolize love . It is normal to put some everywhere. Plus, they look pretty, especially when presented with another decorative accessory. Among other things, you can place them in a designer lantern to add a modern and original side to the decoration of the table.

25- Natural Tone Cake Stand

A pretty wooden cake stand ideal for an outdoor wedding Photo credit: Nadtochiy

At a country wedding , a wooden cake stand always adds character. The table is presented bare with logs intended to accommodate portions of cake.

26- Bohemian table decoration

Tables decorated in a bohemian style Photo credit: Goldenberg

Bohemian fashion is very trendy in weddings. To adopt it, you need porcelain plates with gold edge and of silver cutlery . Of the glasses chic are also necessary as well as an anthracite tablecloth and a few white flowers. The combination of these accessories allows you to obtain a chic and harmonious decoration.

27- Embroidered tablecloths and plates with floral motifs for a romantic decor

A table covered by an embroidered tablecloth Photo credit: Iuliia Mikhalitskaia

This decoration idea suits you if you want create a romantic atmosphere . Tone-on-tone embroidered tablecloths and plates with floral motifs are ideal decorative accessories for a special celebration such as a wedding. They refer to the theme of love, especially if they are arranged with some floral arrangements.

28- All-white decor concept

A luxurious decoration all in white Photo credit: Coral222

This bold concept style monochrome  allows you to have a chic and elegant setting conducive to love and festivities. The tone is neutral, but far from banal. The environment is peaceful and invites fun . Wondering if this style isn't rather lacking in color? Rest assured, your guests will bring some thanks to their outfits for example.

29- Association of chic with retro

Modern decoration mixed with retro accessoriesPhoto credit: Erstudiostok

Do you have an attic full of family heirlooms or heirlooms? These little treasures can be used as decorative accessories on wedding tables. They can be associated with modern decorative elements in order to offer a style vintage and chic  at a time.

30- Combination of metallic and bright colors for a glamorous decor

A centerpiece adorned with bronze accessories of green and red plants Photo credit: Kateryna Kukota

To obtain a glamorous decoration, the simplest recipe is to combine bronze or gold colored accessories with bright hues. For example, the cutlery is bronze while the table runner and tablecloths are orchid purple or forest green.