We tested the immersive escape game 'Le Bureau des Légendes', and here's why we loved it!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-02 17:46:04

Do you think you have the soul of a secret agent and have always dreamed of proving it in front of your amazed friends? Then the immersive escape game from the “Le Bureau des Légendes” series is for you.

Credit: Le Bureau des Légendes - immersive escape game

You are the latest recruit of the DGSE, the French intelligence service. And your first day won't be easy. No sooner have you been given your agent badge and installed in your office than a crisis situation arises. The numbers are limited and it is up to you to save France from a large-scale attack. So no pressure.

Become the new 'Legend' of the DGSE and save France from a terrible threat

It is in this context that our team of broken arms, what am I saying, of professionals sees itself parachuted in the middle of a service in turmoil to try to stop a terrible threat. Imagined in partnership with the creators of the series “Le Bureau des Légendes”, and with the approval of the DGSE (yes!), the scenario plunges the participants into an immersive life-size game that put our nerves to the test.

Forget what you know about escape games

First detail that is important, this experience is not to be put in the same box as a classic escape game. You will therefore have to drop many reflexes if you are used to this format and think differently. Then, several stages of this life-size mission will ask you to put different talents to good use. It is therefore up to you to best assign the various tasks to the members of your team.

Finally, it will take you two hours to complete this mission. Forget the idea of ​​finishing as quickly as possible, your success will not depend on the time remaining, but on the achievement of the various objectives. And if two hours may seem long, we guarantee that the tension of the scenario, coupled with the 300 square meters in which you will evolve will give you the opposite effect!

Well-thought-out replayability

And if you want even more, know that the organizers of this life-size game have even thought about replayability. Two years after its opening, the room offers another form of scenario for this 2022 school year. The pitch? One of your team members is not what they seem and could betray you. Briefed upstream without the knowledge of his teammates, he will have different objectives from theirs and will do everything to put a spoke in their wheels. Enough to create an atmosphere of constant suspicion during the mission and break some friendships along the way!

Credit: Le Bureau des Légendes - immersive escape game

To conclude, we can only strongly advise you to try this experience. Between the elaborate sets, the talented actors who will punctuate the adventure and the complex and interesting scenario, you will surely have a good time that will make you want to come back. Special mention to Tata (or Tonton), the agent who gives you your badge at the start of the mission by creating your legend (your agent name) after a fun and ingenious questionnaire. I was myself the 'Ectoplasm' agent, you can't make it up! So, tempted? To book your session, go to the official website of the immersive escape game 'Le Bureau des Légendes' .