We ask her 14-year-old son for a CV for a 3rd year internship, this mother answers in the funniest way

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-24 16:38:02

In search of a 3rd year observation internship, a 14-year-old young man was confronted with a company that asked him… for his CV. Outraged, her mother made her one that quickly went viral.

Looking for a 9th grade observation internship is not always easy. We don't always know what we want to do, we have no professional experience and we dread leaving school. While some companies welcome young college students with open arms to help them discover their profession, others are more picky.

Recently, a 14-year-old schoolboy experienced this. While looking for his observation internship, a company asked him… his CV .

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She creates a resume for her 14-year-old son

Lost, the young man asked for help from his mother, Florence Corbet, who was immediately indignant at the situation. At 14, his son obviously had no experience professional and it was impossible for him to write a CV. To respond to the company, Florence Corbet created a resume for her son which she posted on LinkedIn.

' You know what ? This is the first time I've written on LinkedIn (and maybe the last), but here, anyway... My 14-year-old son is looking for his 9th grade observation internship and we ask him for his CV. Seriously guys??? Did you have a CV when you were 14? » , she wrote on the social network.

Shared on the social network, the CV caused a lot of reaction. With humor, the mother of the teenager retraced the life course of her son by detailing his “greatest achievements”. CV title? 'Becoming a nice adult in a not too stupid world'.

Learning to walk skillfully

Among the young boy's experiences are the appearance of his first teeth and learning to walk. His accomplishments include learning to ride a bike without wheels, winning the prize for best Spiderman costume at the school carnival, and earning the title of world champion for the most unlikely haircut. From skills , the mother pointed to 'coding weird stuff', 'plugging in cables', 'tidying up the bedroom' and 'emptying the dishwasher'.

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This CV like no other did not fail to react on LinkedIn since the publication gathered more than 1,700 comments.

“By distributing the CV, I wanted to say that there were exaggerated things and to help my son to find an internship. I had fun doing it.' , said Florence Corbet.

An example of a CV to be taken with humor. If your child is faced with this kind of request, it is advisable not to focus on the CV but on the cover letter, which is much more important and which reflects the personality and desires of the teenager. In this letter, do not forget to talk about his extracurricular activities, his passions, his ambitions and his interests.

Source : LinkedIn / Florence Corbet