Waww la table, the Instagram table staging contest

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 19:14:03

The Waww la table competition modernizes the art of hospitality

Credit: ensembleatable.fr

Every week, Waww la table organizes a contest on Instagram rewarding the most beautiful table, selected by an exceptional jury.

Born in June 2020 at the end of the first confinement, the Waww la table Instagram contest rewards the most beautiful table staging every week. Having now become an e-shop, a media and an event designer, Waww la table is blowing a new wind on tableware.

An Instagram contest arbitrated by an exceptional jury

Every week, the Instagram account Waww la table organizes a contest that rewards the most beautiful table among hundreds of entries. In the dining room or on the garden terrace, for 2 people or for 15 guests, the staging is judged on the assortment of colors, materials, the general composition, the taste for risk and the final harmony.

Wicker placemats and wooden plates, disposable tablecloths and napkins , bouquets of wildflowers, vegetated centerpieces, shades of neutral colors or a mixture of bright hues, the participants in the competition compete in creativity to offer elegant and modern tables.

The winning table is selected by an exceptional jury, made up of India Mahdavi, Thierry Marx and Stéphane Bern.

India Mahdavi, architect and designer nicknamed 'the Queen of Color', is a follower of nomadic chic, who loves mixing styles and delicately staged tables. Thierry Marx, starred chef, knows all the importance of a nice table in the overall experience of the meal . As for Stéphane Bern, animator, accustomed to exceptional tables, he offers his sharp eye to decide between the most refined stagings.

Waww la table, a brand born on social networks

Waww la table was born on Instagram in June 2020, when France had just experienced its first confinement and restaurants were closed for health reasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This initiative was led by two women, Péri Cochin and Arabelle Reille, TV producer and art historian, who share a taste for fine dining and a desire to modernize the art of French hospitality.

The success of their Instagram account made it possible to develop Waww la table, which now offers many services. The brand first launched an e-shop with a selection of handcrafted tableware and table decorations.

Waww la table also sells boxes comprising entire tables: with the exception of the furniture, customers acquire all the items shown in the photo, from napkins to glasses, including dishes, vases, carafes and the plates.

The brand has also set up a flea market online store specializing in tableware, allowing Internet users to hunt for rare and old objects without having to travel, and to sell their own tableware remotely.

Every month, in collaboration with Paris Match, Waww la table celebrates the gastronomic meal of the French: a great chef is honoured, and several personalities are invited to his table. Finally, the brand offers a personalized coaching service to learn how to set a beautiful table.