'Vulgar' and 'scary', this silicone mouth for kissing from a distance, worries internet users

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 22:45:02

Chinese researchers have developed a silicone mouth. The goal? This device allows you to kiss your other half or strangers from a distance. Yes, you read correctly.

Changzhou Professional Institute of Technology ( China ) has just patented a funny object: a silicone mouth that allows you to kiss your partner from a distance, report our colleagues from BFM TV.

Photo credit: Twitter

Therefore, a question is on everyone's “lips”: how does it work? As the information site specifies, all you have to do is connect this machine via a smartphone and Bluetooth.

Once this step is complete, a mobile application and the silicone mouth will allow you to exchange a kiss with your loved one, while being far from each other. Still according to the media, this device is the fruit of the “creativity” of Jiang Zhongli, an engineer who maintains a remote relationship with his partner.

A device that worries Internet users

The people who will use this device will have the impression of exchanging a real kiss. The reason ? The silicone mouth is equipped with pressure sensors supposed to reproduce the movement, the temperature and the pressure of the kiss 'done on the other side of the wire', specifies BFM TV.

The mobile application is also intended for users who would like to kiss strangers, thanks to the “discovery” area. Like Tinder, the two Internet users must match to be able to try the experience.

Photo credit: Twitter

For the moment, the first version of the object is sold for around forty dollars. Since then, some Weibo (Chinese Twitter) users have questioned the usefulness of this technology, which they consider “ vulgar ' And ' scary »

But that's not all ! The fact that this object is accessible to everyone, including minors, worries Internet users.

Source : BFM TV