Visit Amsterdam: 15 must-see things

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-24 18:32:02

Wondering what to visit in Amsterdam? Here is our selection of the 15 things not to be missed during your trip to this city.

Visit n°1: The Rijksmuseum in the city of Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum in the city of Amsterdam Credit: dennisvdw

Amsterdam, nicknamed 'the Venice of the north', is a multicultural city. Visiting its various museums is one of the best activities to do, especially if you are planning a family trip. To start your cultural trip to Amsterdam, head to the Rijksmuseum. This museum, created in 1798, is located at Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum exhibits more than 5,000 paintings bearing witness to the fascinating history of the Dutch. In this renowned museum, you will discover works such as 'The Milkmaid' by the famous painter Johannes Vermeer, or 'The Night Watch' by Rembrandt. For book your tickets and visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with complete peace of mind, visit its official website. Click on the section dedicated to this purpose to find out the price of the tickets.

Visit n°2: The Van Gogh Museum in the city of Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum in the city of Amsterdam Credit: Phaelnogueira

To have a good time with your family during your trip to Amsterdam, you can also explore the Van Gogh Museum . This cultural center retraces the career and history of this remarkable Dutch painter. This is one of the best museums in the city of Amsterdam. On site, you will discover his greatest works of art. Guided tours and regular exhibitions are often held there to entertain visitors. Be careful, during the high season, the number of places to visit the Van Gogh Museum with the family in Amsterdam is very limited. It is therefore advisable to book your tickets several months in advance to be sure not to miss this essential step. To find out more about the ticket prices as well as the city pass card, do not hesitate to consult its website. Click on the dedicated section.

Visit n°3: The Red Light District in the city of Amsterdam

The famous Red Light District in the center of the city of Amsterdam Credit: Nisangha

During your trip to the netherlands family, take a short walk in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It is certainly one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. With its historic buildings and beautiful architecture, the Red Light District is ideal for relaxing with the children and meeting new people. A guided tour of the district is possible if you want to know more about its history. Accompanied by a passionate and professional guide, you will notably discover a clandestine church and some museums like the “Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder”. Shopping is also a activity idea interesting thing to do in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. You will find the route to get there by bus or train on Google Maps or using a GPS. Simply click on the app to make it easy to get around.

Visit n°4: The Royal Palace in the city of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace in the city of Amsterdam Credit: EnginKorkmaz

The Royal Palace or “Paleis op de Dam” is also one of the best places to visit during your family trip to Amsterdam. It was between the year 1648 and 1665 that this palace was built. This monument national  of the Netherlands attracts millions of visitors every year with its authentic architecture and history. During your visit to the palace, you will be able to contemplate imposing chandeliers dating from another era, the most original marble floors, paintings by the most famous artists of the country... Several official events are organized at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam . Buying tickets for a guided tour can be done on site or online. Ask about the price of admission with the Amsterdam City Pass Card before booking.

Visit n°5: The spring park of Keukenhof in the city of Amsterdam

Le park de Keukenhof de la ville d'Amsterdam Credit: neirfy

Apart from windmills, tulips are one of the symbols of the netherlands . If you want to discover these wonders offered by mother nature with your children, we advise you to visit Amsterdam between March and May. This is the flowering period of these magnificent, colorful and fragrant flowers. Keukenhof Park is certainly one of the best places to admire these bulb flowers. You will find millions of tulips and other varieties of flowers with authentic charm. Every year, millions of tourists come from all over the world to visit Keukenhof Park in Amsterdam. Therefore, we advise you to book your entrance tickets in advance.

Visit n°6: The Vondelpark in the city of Amsterdam

The Vondelpark, Amsterdam Credit: dennisvdw

During your trip to the Netherlands with the family, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Vondelpark. Located at center of the ville d'Amsterdam , this park is the perfect place to rest after a long walk or bike ride in the surrounding neighborhoods. The Vondelpark is a small haven of greenery and a paradise for children. It will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours. In this Amsterdam park, you can practice several entertaining and fun activities with the family such as visiting museums, spending a few hours at the theater, tasting small local dishes...

Visit n°7: The canals in the city of Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam a perfect place for a boat cruise Credit: Noppasin Wongchum

A Amsterdam canal cruise is also a thing to do absolutely during your trip, especially if you are staying in the country as a couple. However, you can also cruise as a family. This activity is an opportunity to admire the originality of the houses of this “Venice of the North” while enjoying a romantic stroll and a candlelit dinner. It is also a way to discover a completely different side to the multicultural city of Amsterdam. The price of a cruise and a boat trip on the Amsterdam channels will depend on the provider you choose. Nothing prevents you from booking your boat cruise tickets as soon as possible to be sure to enjoy this atypical activity during your trip. You can access this place by bus or train using your City Pass Card. Consult the itinerary before departure.

Visit n°8: The Jordaan district in the city of Amsterdam

Le quartier Jordaan de la ville d'Amsterdam aux Pays-Bas Credit: tupungato

The Jordaan district in Amsterdam is arguably one of the busiest places for tourists throughout the year. It is located west of the city center. In this district of Amsterdam you will find several souvenir shops , restaurants offering traditional dishes from the Netherlands, bars for having a drink with friends… The Jordaan district is also a destination de choix to contemplate the splendor of typical Dutch houses during your family trip. It has retained its old architecture. However, you will also find some more modern buildings there. Several visits are possible in the Jordaan district. You can request the services of a guide to make the most of your family getaway and discover the place in a different way. Guided tours in this district can be included in your city pass card. You will thus benefit from the best price on the tickets.

Visit n°9: The Anne Frank House in the city of Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House in a district of Amsterdam Credit: MassimoCatarinella

During your Amsterdam getaway with the children, enjoy a guided tour of the Anne Frank House. This Jewess is known worldwide for her work entitled “Het Achterhuis”. During the visit of the museum, you will discover the room where Anne Frank hid as well as other rooms with ancient infrastructures. You will be accompanied by a benevolent tourist guide who is passionate about his profession. To visit the Anne Frank House, you must book your ticket. For this, you will absolutely have to go to the official website of the Anne Frank House. It is best to determine the number of tickets you will need and book them in advance to visit the site during the high season. Indeed, if no ticket is available, you will have to settle for a stroll in its outdoor courtyard. Also check if the guided tour is included in your Amsterdam City Pass Card to get a better price.

Visit n°10 : La Place Centrale ou Dam de la ville d’Amsterdam

Central Square or Dam Square in Amsterdam Credit: VLIET

The Central Square or Dam Square is also a place to visit during your trip to Amsterdam with children. In his shopping streets , you will find luxury shops, gourmet restaurants… The Central Square also lists several important monuments of the country, including the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and the “Nieuwe Kerk”. If you want to take advantage of your visit to the site to enrich your knowledge, enjoy a fun visit and above all a great experience with the children, do not hesitate to drop by the Musee de Cire Madame Tussaut . To book entrance tickets, you can go to the museum website. Then click on the “book a ticket” option. And for a more enriched discovery, be accompanied by a guide. A guided tour will allow you to better enjoy this activity. To benefit from a better price, check if this offer is included in your city pass card.

Visit n°11: The Mr Jordaan hotel in the city of Amsterdam

A hotel room in a neighborhood of Amsterdam Credit: DragonImages

To make your trip to Amsterdam an unforgettable experience for the whole family, put your bags down in this friendly and original hotel. Hotel Mr Jordaan is located in the center of the city of Amsterdam. It offers impeccable service and rooms suitable for the whole family. The advantage of this hotel is that it facilitates access to the various attractions in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam . However, the price of a night remains affordable. If you plan to visit this country with your family, book your room in advance. You will thus be guaranteed to find accommodation adapted to your needs as well as to your children at a good price. To book, you can use the official site of the establishment or go through other specialized sites.

Visit n°12 : The Basilique Saint-Nicolas de la ville d’Amsterdam

The Basilique Saint-Nicolas de la ville d'Amsterdam Credit : Kisa_Markiza

If you program visit religious sites from the city of Amsterdam, do not miss this basilica. It is located on the edge of the canals of Amsterdam. A guided tour of the interior will make you discover the splendor of its architecture as well as its history. It is also impressive to contemplate the beauty of this great church from a cruise ship on the canals of Amsterdam. You can use your City Pass Card to get a better price on tickets. It is also advisable to book your place in advance, especially if you want to visit Amsterdam with the children during high season . Do not hesitate to request the services of a guide to better discover the history of this site.

Visit n°13: The Albert Cuyp market in the city of Amsterdam

The Albert Cuyp market in the city of Amsterdam Credit: J2R

Visiting a market in Amsterdam will not only allow you to discover the richness of its local products, but you will also meet great people. The Albert Cuyp market is ranked among the best in the city of Amsterdam. It is located in the district of Pijp in the center of the city. This Amsterdam market is open from Monday to Saturday. Its smiling merchants are ready to introduce you to their typical Dutch stalls during a stopover. You will certainly have a great experience during your walk in this market. Do not hesitate to take your children there to enjoy a day in one of the largest open-air markets d’Europe . This site is accessible by bike or train. Do not hesitate to use your city pass card to get a good price on public transport in Amsterdam.

Visit n°14: The West Church in the city of Amsterdam

The West Church of the city of Amsterdam Credit: angeluisma

If you plan to visit Amsterdam with your family during your trip, a guided tour of this church is a good idea of ​​activity to do. A passionate guide will share all his knowledge about the history of this monument national . The Church of the West Amsterdam is accessible to the general public. You will love to admire the original glazing as well as the very old furniture which is perfectly preserved there. A beautiful experience also awaits you in the outer courtyard of this church in Amsterdam. With its green setting, it invites you to relax. In order to access the other attractions of the city more easily after this experience, it is wise to rent a bike . You can always use your city pass card to access the best family activities in the city of Amsterdam.

Visit n°15: The A’DAM Lookout in the city of Amsterdam

The A’DAM Lookout in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Credit: Robert vt Hoenderdaal

Finally, to get the most out of your voyage in the Netherlands with children, you can also climb to the top of the A’DAM Lookout. It is an observation platform allowing you to enjoy a breathtaking view of Amsterdam. You will be able to admire the canals with the cruise ships of Amsterdam, the church, the museums, the port, the market... An interactive exhibition is also organized frequently on the spot to make you enjoy a journey through culture. as well as the tradition of the city of Amsterdam. If you have a Amsterdam City Pass Card , be aware that the access ticket to the A’DAM Lookout is included in the offer. After a great experience on the top of this platform, continue to visit Amsterdam by bike like a real Dutchman. However, check the right route so you don't get lost!