Video: unusual, this goalkeeper urinates in the middle of a football match and receives a red card

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 16:03:02

Unusual. For being guilty of a pee break in the middle of a match, a football player received a red card in England. Details.

The urge was far too pressing!

A British goalkeeper was recently sent off for… urine in the middle of a football match.

The video of this expulsion, as comical as it is ridiculous, has already gone around the world, arousing amusement and mockery.

In the middle of a football match, a goalkeeper urinates and gets sent off

The extremely rare scene in a football match took place on Saturday September 3 during a meeting in the first round of the FA Cup (the FA Cup) between Shepton Mallet and Blackfiels & Langley.

Connor Maseko, guardian of the visiting team which plays in the 9th division, thus took advantage of a stoppage of play after a ball exit, to relieve a natural need in a bush.

A stop in the small corner which was not to the taste of the referee, who did not hesitate to expel the doorman for “ inappropriate and offensive behavior '. The possible presence of children on the edge of the lawn would have influenced this decision.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: DR

Asked by the site The Athletic , the unfortunate goalkeeper said he had urinated in the middle of the match because he had not had time to do so during half-time of the match.

« I thought to myself that in the worst case scenario, I might get a yellow card for wasting time. The red card wasn't even in the back of my mind “, thus affirmed the excluded player.

Despite this exclusion, Connor Maseko's teammates, outnumbered, got the courage to draw (0-0) before finally losing 2-3 in the replay (replayed match) three days later.