VIDEO: He proposes to his girlfriend... coming out of a coffin disguised as Darth Vader

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 16:57:02

In Spain, a man made an unlikely marriage proposal, as he emerged from a coffin dressed as Darth Vader to surprise his girlfriend.

Asking the person you love in marriage is always an exceptional moment. While some requests are rather classic and take place in a restaurant or in front of a beautiful landscape, others are more original. Indeed, many people seek above all to surprise their other half so that they never forget this moment.

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This is what happened in Spain, where a man made a marriage proposal improbable that will mark the memories.

He makes his marriage proposal disguised as Darth Vader

The event took place during a village festival where the Spaniard's girlfriend was. To make his request, the latter hid in a coffin and asked his friends to bring him to the center of the party and drop him to the ground.

The coffin then opened and the man appeared disguised as Darth Vader. Nothing was left to chance since in the background, the village brass band played the imperial march of Star Wars .

After a few dance steps, the man held up a sign that read 'I hope she says no,' took off his headphones, and finally proposed to his girlfriend. In tears, she said yes.

The scene was filmed and posted on Twitter and quickly went viral. One thing is certain: if it is not known if the couple is a fan of Star Wars and coffins, this marriage proposal will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Source : Twitter