Video: Artemis rocket finally launched to the Moon

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-16 11:55:08

The launch of the Artemis rocket was successful last night in Florida. The beginning of a new space age.

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After two previous failed launch attempts, the SLS Artemis rocket - the most powerful in the world - finally took off successfully early this morning (1:50 a.m. local time) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (United States).

For the occasion, many curious people, including a certain Thomas Pesquet, were present to attend this historic event.

This long-awaited takeoff, which was delayed by around forty minutes following the discovery of a fuel leak, marks the start of the Artemis mission, the avowed objective of which is to eventually send a new crew to the Moon, 50 years after man's last steps on the lunar surface.

For the very first time in NASA's history, a woman, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, is in charge of operations.

The Artemis rocket successfully lifted off to the Moon

After leaving Earth orbit, the Orion module of the rocket will head for the Moon, even going up to 64,000 km beyond the latter, which will be a record for such a capsule.

This unmanned flight will circle our satellite without ever landing. Its mission, which should last about 25 days, is to demonstrate the reliability of the SLS rocket so that it can accommodate a human crew in the future.

The spacecraft should reach its objective in five days and then fly over the Moon until December 11, the date of its return to earth with a planned landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Photo credit: @NASA

Photo credit: @NASA

Photo credit: @NASA

Once this first step has been completed, a second launch (Artemis 2) will take place in 2024 with a crew on board the rocket. But we will still have to wait for the 3 and mission of the program, in 2025 at least, to finally see astronauts (re)walking on the Moon.

The whole mission must also prepare a future manned flight on Mars by 2030, but we are not there yet.

You can follow the different stages of this mission at any time via the live of the Naa below.

Source: AFP