Van Gogh's famous painting 'The Sunflowers' doused in soup by environmental activists

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 17:45:02

A surreal scene occurred this Friday morning at the National Gallery in London: two environmental activists threw soup on the painting “ The sunflowers » the Van Gogh.

On the morning of Friday, October 14, environmental activists from the Just Stop Oil movement threw tomato soup on the “Les Tournesols” board of Van Gogh , exhibited at the National Gallery of London .

Photo Credit: HANDOUT/AFP

According to press images published by the movement, two activists poured the contents of two cans of soup on the masterpiece of the Dutch painter, whose price is estimated at more than 84 million dollars.

On the images, we also see the two activists, whose group calls for the immediate cessation of any new oil or gas project, sticking their hands to the wall.

« What is more valuable, art or life? ...are you more concerned about protecting a painting or protecting our planet and its inhabitants? “, said Just Stop Oil on Twitter.

Van Gogh's painting is intact

Unsurprisingly, the police quickly arrived on the scene. after two Just Stop Oil protesters threw a substance at a chalkboard said Scotland Yard in a statement.

Before adding: They were arrested for criminal damage and aggravated trespass. Police officers are now trying to take them off '. The frame suffers from minor damage ' but the picture is ' intact “, assured the British museum.

This new action by the group, which had already targeted works of art in the past, comes within the framework of a month of action where they have also blocked roads on several occasions.

« The cost of living crisis comes from fossil fuels - everyday life has become unaffordable for millions of families who are cold and hungry - they cannot even afford a can of soup said 21-year-old activist Phoebe Plummer, quoted in a statement from the movement.

Before adding: At the same time, people are dying from fires and droughts caused by climate change ». « We can't afford new oil and gas projects, they'll take it all away ».

Source: AFP