Valras-Plage: thanks to the mobilization of 200 volunteers, the eggs of the turtles have hatched and the babies have reached the sea

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:19:02

51 days after the sea turtle laid eggs on the beach at Valras-Plage, the eggs hatched and the little turtles were able to reach the sea in complete safety.

We told you about it a few days ago and the event has finally arrived. On July 16, a sea turtle laid eggs on a beach in Valras-Plage.

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Since that date, nearly 200 volunteers from several different associations have mobilized to protect the nest and ensure that the hatching goes well. Over the past few days, excitement has been at its height as the birth of the baby turtles was imminent.

The baby turtles have reached the sea

It finally took place this Wednesday, September 7, at 8:21 p.m. precisely. The first eggs hatched and around forty baby turtles managed to return to the sea. Thus, it took 51 days after the laying of the sea ​​turtle for her babies to come into the world.

“They followed each other in single file and in good shape. They walked with a determined step and quickly reached the sea, which was rather calm. , said Jean-Michel, one of the Cestmed volunteers.

For this exceptional event, a hundred spectators joined the beach to enjoy the show. As night had already fallen and the nest was only a few meters from the sea, everything happened very quickly and visitors could not see much. Despite this, the wonder was still there.

“The children who are there with their parents have amazed eyes just at the idea, even if they have not seen much. The happy face of the volunteers on the beach speaks volumes about their work all summer and their satisfaction this evening.” , said Daniel Ballester, the mayor of Valras-Plage.

More turtles could be born

In total, a hundred eggs were counted. It is therefore possible that new babies will be born in the next few days in order to head for the sea.

“I said in July that we were lucky that nature chose us , declared Daniel Ballester, the mayor of Valras-Plage. Tonight, we are lucky that everything we have put in place since July 13 has not been in vain with these forty little turtles. It is to be hoped that in 20 years a few will return here to lay eggs, continuing this chain. »

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To monitor the potential birth of other turtles , the site will continue to be continuously monitored. The end of incubation date is set for September 14.

“The main thing is that the turtles have reached the sea and naturally. No egg and incubator collection, we let nature take its course. It’s a small step for turtles, but a giant leap for biodiversity” , concluded Yann Geshors, the president of the association for the protection of Orpellières and the Biterrois coast.

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