USA: This deaf dog and this hearing-impaired teenager are the best of friends

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-15 16:04:01

In the United States, a hearing-impaired teenager befriended a deaf dog. Back in pictures on this beautiful story.

At the age of 14, Walker Cousineau, a hearing-impaired teenager, needed a friend. His path crossed that of a pitbull white man suffering from deafness in a shelter. Since then, they have been inseparable.

Crédit Photo : Humane Society of Midland County / Facebook

A real thunderbolt

It all started in early July 2022 when Walker came across an adoption ad on the Facebook page of the Humane Society of Midland County, an animal shelter in Michigan (USA).

« This dog is deaf. Just like me ! I need him, he's my dog “, had indicated the young man to his mother. Note that the quadruped in question was described as ' outgoing, intelligent and adorable ».

On July 31, Walker and her parents, Mindy and Jim Cousineau, went to an adoption event hosted by the shelter. On site, they wanted to meet the deaf dog named Puppy. Love at first sight was immediate between the 6-year-old white pit bull and the teenager.

Crédit Photo : Humane Society of Midland County / Facebook

It is in this context that the Cousineau family decided to offer shelter for life to the hair ball renamed Dave. Since then, his presence soothes the anxieties of his young master.

Indeed, Walker has high-functioning autism and suffers from an impairment hearing bilateral. Although he can hear high-pitched sounds, he uses a hearing aid to perceive low-pitched sounds.

« He sometimes has tantrums and his classmates make fun of him at school. When we realized he identified with Dave because he was deaf, we knew it had to happen. They became friends right away » , Mindy explained of her son.

A touching friendship

According to Casey Nicholson, a volunteer at the shelter, Walker and Dave are a perfect match, as the pooch needs a huge dose of love after what he's been through. Abandoned by his former owners, the dog was placed in a foster home before being entrusted to the shelter.

« The friendship between Dave and Walker is the perfect reminder that there is a family for every shelter animal waiting for a second chance. said Brittany Schlacter, spokesperson for the Bissell Pet Foundation.

Photo Credit: Mindy Cousineau / Facebook

Photo credit: MindyCousineau / Facebook

For her part, Mindy revealed that Dave immediately felt at home. He started playing with the other dogs in the house, Doug and Darry.

« We have noticed a huge difference in Walker's attitude and demeanor since Dave arrived. He is more relaxed. When Dave sits next to him, he tells him about his problems “said the 42-year-old mother.

Before adding: He's a fun-loving dog, and he's helping Walker want to spend more time outdoors (…) Walker has become more social and he now talks with the other kids at school (…) He's is open thanks to Dave ».

Photo credit: MindyCousineau / Facebook

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