Unusual, these activists 'kidnap' a crab in a supermarket and put it back in the sea after a 1,000 km journey

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 18:32:17

An unusual operation took place this week in eastern France to save a crustacean condemned to be eaten.

He still has to pinch himself to see if he's not dreaming!

A crab , sentenced to certain death on the plate, was kidnapped from a Leclerc supermarket in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) on October 29, to be released.

Photo credit: CDRAO (documentation center, research, application of offensives)

Photo credit: CDRAO (documentation centre, research, application of offensives)

Still alive, the crustacean which was on a fishmonger's stall was thus 'kidnapped' by the Nancy artist Gilbert Coqalane.

The latter was supported by two members of the movement called 'disturbance'. This approach, to say the least unusual, was intended to denounce the sale of live animals in the food departments, as explained by our colleagues from France 3.

They kidnap a live crab from a supermarket to put it back in the water

A punch operation that comes to castigate what these activists call a ' moral, ecological and economic aberration making these crabs heads of gondola aimed at giving an illusion of freshness, incompatible with the conditions of survival in overpopulation under neon lights “, can we read on the website of the movement.

« This 25% mortality and this staged captivity are justified by commercial arguments making the radius supposedly more attractive “, denounce the “disturbanceists” again.

Named Michelle, the crab, which turns out to be a female, then traveled more than 1,000 km alongside its 'captors' who finally released it into the sea, to Brest (Finistère).

During this journey, the small troop made a symbolic stop in front of the Hélène and Édouard Leclerc Fund in Landerneau.

Once the crab was returned to the water, the kidnappers were able to celebrate this freedom as it should be in a bar of the… auction in Brest.

A nice snub!

Source : France 3