United States: a huge bald eagle creates the event during its passage through an airport

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 17:03:01

Many travelers have had the surprise of their lives when they come across an impressive eagle bald eagle at a checkpoint at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, USA.

Credit: TSA

Photos of the bird named 'Clark' are going around the world via social networks and you will quickly understand why. Indeed, the flying predator has something to amaze, whether by its incredible stature, but also by its beauty, its elegance or its natural charisma. The airport of the city of Charlotte (located in the American state of North Carolina) was the scene of this surprising and unexpected scene.

If you're wondering what a wild animal used to the great outdoors was doing at an airport, Clark was on his way back to his home from World Bird Sanctuary, a Missouri wildlife park that's home to many species of birds. 'birds. The raptor had just made an appearance at High Point University for an event for freshmen. Obviously, the bald eagle did not leave anyone indifferent in the airport terminal. The animal, of a sacred scale, has also taken advantage of this moment to spread its wings and admire its large size.

The customs staff remained stunned by this particularly rare encounter. 'TSA agents are used to seeing an eagle on their uniform when they look over their shoulder, but I'm sure the team at Checkpoint A at the airport de Clara was surprised to see a real one earlier this week. Our special guest was Clark the eagle from the World Bird Sanctuary, who took part in a commercial flight. His airline notified us and we checked him and his master. Clark is trained to spread his wings, and he even showed himself a bit during the check.' we read in a Twitter post.

An eagle saved from almost certain death

Clark was hatched at the sanctuary in 2002 as part of a breeding program to release these endangered birds into the wild, but he was born with deformed scales on his legs. These deformities would have prevented his paws from being protected during the winter cold and would have exposed him to potential frostbite or even loss of toes. Instead, Clark took flight training and began his career as a flying ambassador.

Since then, Clark has flown on all sorts of dates. This ranges from baseball games of the St. Louis Cardinals to those of the Chicago Bears through private events (recently at Boeing for example). In total, the World Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 200 animals representing more than 60 species, over an area of ​​124 hectares. The sanctuary is open to visitors daily and offers special experiences, such as getting up close and personal with large raptors, something almost impossible in the wild.

Credit: TSA

Magnificent, isn't it?

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