United States: a family finds their beloved dog seven years after her disappearance

Author: Clark Tos
2022-12-17 16:30:03

As the end of year celebrations are fast approaching, an American family has just received their Christmas present in advance: they have found their dog who disappeared after running away seven years ago.

In 2015, Kerry, a Texan father, experienced a real nightmare when his female dog Jazzy fled after being spooked by fireworks. At the time, this denier had done everything possible to find her, in vain.

Photo Credit: Orange County Animal Services / Facebook

A Christmas Miracle

Miraculously, the furball was found earlier this month more than 1,280 kilometers from the family home. As BBC News reports, the pooch was abandoned in a Florida hotel and could barely walk.

L’ animal was cared for by Orange County Animal Services, a shelter located in Orlando. It was the quadruped's microchip that allowed staff to identify its Texan owners.

« We had reunions that brought together families and pets that had been separated for maybe a few years Orange County Animal Services Public Information Officer Bryant Almeida told British media.

Photo Credit: Orange County Animal Services / Facebook

Unsurprisingly, the establishment contacted Kerry, who hastened to book a flight to Florida to pick up her dog: “ It was amazing to see Jazzy come to life when she heard her master's voice. He licked her hand again and again and moved closer to her ».

Photo credit: Orange County Animal Services / Facebook

The female dog regains strength

Jazzy's family and the refuge animal don't know how the 12-year-old quadruped landed in Orlando. Since then, he has been suffering from severe joint pain, preventing him from moving properly.

Jazzy's story shocked Orange County Animal Services, which takes in large numbers of animals: ' Volunteers go through heartbreaking ordeals helping owners make tough decisions about terminally ill, elderly or injured dogs “said Bryant Almeida.

Before adding: But every once in a while we witness something like this, and every minute is worth it '. Still according to her words, Jazzy is regaining her strength at home, surrounded by her whole family.

Photo credit: Orange County Animal Services / Facebook

Photo credit: Orange County Animal Services / Facebook

Source : BBC News