United Arab Emirates: 1,400-year-old Christian monastery discovered on island

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-10 15:11:08

On November 4, archaeologists discovered a 1,400-year-old Christian monastery on the island of Siniyah in the United Arab Emirates.

Off the coast of the United Arab Emirates is the island of Siniyah, located north of Dubai. This island belongs to the family that runs the country and who have decided to protect their property for years to allow archaeologists to carry out field excavations.

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The search was successful because on November 4, researchers discovered a monastery 1,400-year-old Christian on the island.

A Christian monastery discovered on the island

The monastery would have been used between 534 and 656. In the rooms of the establishment, the archaeologists discovered baptismal fonts as well as an oven, undoubtedly used to bake bread and wafers for communions. A church, with a nave and an altar, was also in the monastery.

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Next to the facility, another building was discovered. With its four rooms located around a small courtyard, it could be the former home of an abbot or a bishop.

“The fact that something happened here over a thousand years ago is truly remarkable, and this story deserves to be told. It's a really fascinating discovery because, in a way, it's a hidden story.' , said Timothy Power, researcher.

This is the second time that a discovery of this kind has taken place in the region since another monastery has already been discovered. This proves that Christians already lived there before the spread of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula. These discoveries, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, could give historians valuable information on the history of the Christianity .

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