Two-thirds of French women are in favor of setting up menstrual leave at work

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-06 16:59:01

What if we introduced menstrual leave in France? According to an Ifop poll, 66% of women would be in favor of it and 64% of them would be ready to use it.

When you are a woman, having your period when you work is not always easy. Periods are sometimes the source of severe pain and can prevent women from working properly since they can cause unbearable stomach pains and great fatigue.

During periods, it can be difficult to stand up, stay focused, attend a meeting and travel for work.

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According to a study, 53% of French employees suffer from painful periods and 35% of them are affected by their rules at work, including a significant proportion of female managers. To help women, some companies have set up menstrual leave, but this system is far from being applied everywhere in France.

To find out the opinion of the main interested parties on the subject, Ifop carried out a survey for the manufacturer of menstrual cups Eve-And-Co. For this, 993 women aged 15 or over were interviewed.

66% of women for menstrual leave

According to the results of the study, 66% of French women would be in favor of setting up a menstrual leave in companies, and 64% would be ready to use it. According to the women surveyed, a company that offered menstrual leave would also be more attractive to them.

Concretely, menstrual leave would allow women suffering from painful periods to take one or two days off per month.

'This leave is considered a solution that can compensate for moments of weakness and real difficulties related to menstruation, especially by those who are, or have been, victims of teasing, as well as by women whose periods are very painful' , explained Louise Jussian, in charge of studies at Ifop.

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In addition to the pain, some women said they suffered teasing or remarks from their male colleagues. With a menstrual leave, they would have the possibility of resting without undergoing the criticisms and the judgment of their professional entourage.

A taboo that still exists

In France , although menstrual leave is not enshrined in the Labor Code, all companies can choose to implement it if they wish. This is already the case in some societies, even if this concept is still far from being generalized.

Periods remain a taboo in many companies because 92% of women surveyed say they have never dared to talk to their employer about their periods, and 72% think they never will. Figures that prove that there is indeed a certain apprehension in talking about menstruation, even if the employer is a woman.

In some countries, menstrual leave is part of the law. This is the case in Japan, Indonesia and Zambia. In Europe, only Spain proposed a bill on this subject last May.

Source : The Parisian