Toulouse: thanks simply to his RIB, a scammer manages to steal €17,000 from him and take out a loan in his name

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-16 17:05:02

We can never say it enough, it is important to be vigilant about your bank details and your credit card. The story we share with you in this article proves once again that scams are capable of anything.

Credit: Yann Foreix / LP

Indeed, Nadège, a 47-year-old from Toulouse, had the very unpleasant surprise of having her bank details stolen by a crook who hastened to empty her accounts and take out a bank loan in her name. This scam took place in early August, and you will see that its circumstances are particularly disturbing. And for good reason, thanks to Nadège's RIB, a pay slip belonging to a police commissioner and the identity papers of an employee of a major pharmaceutical group, the thief was able to create a virtual person.

Once these three documents in his pocket, the scammer went to a banker from the Carrefour group to get a bank card. Logically, this attempt should not have worked, but against all odds, it went like a letter in the mail. And the consequences were terrible for Nadège, a teacher by profession in a Toulouse faculty.

At the beginning of August, while consulting her account statements for a simple routine check, she noticed that large amounts had been withdrawn without her authorization. “When I objected, she continues her story, the thief had only withdrawn €4,000. Strangely, he was able to continue to take money despite my intervention” the forty-something is indignant today. In the end, it will be €17,000 that will disappear from his account.

And as if that were not enough, from the pay slip recovered illegally by the scammer, the latter was able to take out a huge loan whose monthly payments amount to €2,500. Obviously, this sum is impossible to assume for Nadège and her salary. Quickly, she decided to go to the police station to file a complaint and ask the police for help. A procedure seems to be underway and an investigation would have been opened, but she still has no news on this subject.

Credit: DR

Nadège was finally reimbursed

Fortunately, Nadège has more luck with her bank . After weeks of negotiations, she finally won her case and was able to be fully reimbursed for the financial damage suffered. If all is well that ends well, this incredible story reminds us that we must always be suspicious and often look at our account statements. 'I didn't think that by stealing a simple bank account statement, we could be hurt so badly,' concluded the Toulousaine.