TOP 6 most unlikely jobs in the world

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:51:15

Because it takes everything to make a world, today we invite you to discover the most improbable jobs that exist. Unusual jobs that may make you regret yours... or not.

It's no secret, the use that we occupy fills a large part of our lives. Rightly or wrongly, many people define themselves by it and base their daily lives around it. So all the more reason to occupy a position that suits us and allows us to flourish.

This is why some choose professions offering many advantages, such as those of the public service. A choice made by Jérôme Commandeur in the film “Irréductible”, where he plays a civil servant ready to do anything to keep this dream job. But conversely, others will prefer to bet on unusual jobs in which they can perform original tasks for which they never thought they could be paid one day.

Whether you are an eternal dissatisfied looking for an unknown job for a professional retraining, or simply a person eager for unusual knowledge, embark with us for this world Tour of the 6 most unlikely jobs ever.

1. Professional Bridesmaid

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Do you like weddings, are comfortable with people and love to put on your 31? Then discover the profession of professional bridesmaid. The principle is simple, help the future bride to organize the event, review the list of her many tasks, support her morally and be present on the wedding day in the absence of another bridesmaid.

And yes, this job does exist. It is notably offered by the company Bridesmaid for Hire. The missions can be varied and differ depending on the events and anyone who has ever had to organize a wedding knows that they can be complicated. So why not get paid to do them?

2. Crime Scene Cleaner

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Some make cleanliness a vocation and it is to their credit. But if there is one job that would not come to mind when talking about this sector of activity, it is that of crime scene cleaner. Best known following his appearances in the cinema or the police series, he is undoubtedly one of the least common.

As its name suggests, this job consists of going to a crime scene to clean up all traces. The cleaners spring into action once the police have finished their work on the scene and must have a strong heart to accomplish their mission. These professionals must hold a Cleanliness and Hygiene Agent CAP.

3. Golf ball catcher

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the golf balls lost by players in the ponds scattered around the courses? You will no doubt be surprised to learn that they are not abandoned to their sad fate. Indeed, there are people responsible for recovering them.

These diving professionals have the task of recovering the balls lost on the course, but also those that have fallen to the bottom of the water, before cleaning them and reselling them to the club or to specialized stores. This trade will require at least a level 1 diver.

4. Professional hugger

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Our emotional well-being has been under severe strain lately. And in this context, human contact, becoming increasingly rare, seems to have never been so essential. It is for this reason, among other things, that the profession of professional cuddler is developing greatly.

The mission of these professionals is to soothe those who need it with hugs, whether working in structures such as retirement homes or practices, or on your own. It should be noted that this profession requires specific certification. But if you've always been outgoing and want to work in a helping profession, becoming a professional cuddler might be for you.

5. Water slide tester

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To be sure that their slides are suitable for the public, manufacturers use a tester. Its role is to test the safety and the pleasure provided by the attractions before they open to the public. But you can imagine, for such a dream job , there are very few chosen for many called.

Indeed, the slide testers are chosen by the manufacturers after difficult selections and receive 32,000 dollars per year for 6 months of work. So, how would you like to become a water slide tester?

6. Subway pusher

Credit: Pixabay

If you found public transport crowded in France, know that you haven't seen anything yet. In Tokyo, for example, where 13 million people live, the subways are crowded during rush hour. Reason why the job of pusher was created.

The role of these people is to ensure that as many passengers as possible can enter the wagons. And to compress all this little world, there are not 36 solutions. Pushers therefore push travelers to maximize car capacity and avoid disrupting traffic.

So, have these improbable jobs convinced you? If this is not the case, do not hesitate to discover the film “Irréductible”, whose main character must chain trades all more eccentric than each other, while traveling in distant lands. Change of scenery guaranteed. Irreducible, a comedy by Jérôme Commandeur, available now on VOD.