TOP 5 dream jobs that nothing in the world could make us leave

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 12:19:01

Are you fed up with your job? Your tasks are repetitive and you do not thrive in your work environment? So discover 5 dream jobs that could make you want to change.

After years spent in the same position, often comes a moment of introspection during which everyone wonders if they are in their place and if the grass would not be greener elsewhere. This phenomenon, amplified by the health crisis, is more present among younger generations, often in search of meaning.

On the contrary, some are so sure of having found the best possible job that they are ready to make any sacrifice to stay there. This is the case of the character played by Jérôme Commandeur in the film “Irréductible”, a civil servant addicted to his little comfort (and we understand that).

While you are looking for your future job, or whether you just want to discover activities that you did not suspect, here are the 5 dream jobs that nothing in the world could make us leave!

1. Guardian of a dream island

Credit: Pixabay

You may have already seen advertisements for these jobs on social networks. Often at the initiative of local tourist offices, they consist of recruiting one or more people who will have the mission of living on an island and ensuring its maintenance. They will sometimes be asked to welcome tourists, manage a blog and share their experience to increase the popularity of the place.

Recently, for example, it was the tourist office of Grand Basket Island , located off the coast of Ireland, which recruited two people to manage the guesthouse of the place. These offers often attract a lot of people. But if you are tempted, you will need to be able to stay put for long periods of time.

2. Babysitter for pandas

Credit: Pixabay

Animal lovers, this job is for you. At the initiative of the Chinese panda research and protection center, he recruited someone to play nanny with the black and white bears.

The mission was simple, spend a year surrounded by pandas to watch them, take care of them, or even play with them. The person selected had to be at least 22 years old and have knowledge of these adorable animals.

3. Professional sleeper

Credit: Pixabay

If acting is not your forte and you prefer to spend your time relaxing, there is also a job for you. Some time ago, the Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology in Toulouse was indeed looking for a person to… sleep.

Indeed, to study the impact of microgravity on the human organism, the organism was looking for a sleeper in order to observe what it knew how to do best. And if you're looking for another job to bask in, you can also become mattress tester .

4. Candy Tester

Credit: Pixabay

Gourmands also have the right to their dream job, the candy tester . The proof, Candy Funhouse, a Canadian candy company, is looking for its new CCO (“Chief Candy Officer”). And his mission lives up to his job title.

The professional in question will have to taste more than 3,500 products per month, but also approve the candy inventory or even manage the company's strategy by organizing meetings. Yes, sweets are serious business!

5. Happiness Ambassador

The job can also be a vector of travel and smiles. The proof, Coca had recently launched a job offer to recruit 3 “happiness ambassadors”. Their task was simple, traveling for 365 days across 206 countries and interviewing people to find out what made them happy and sharing the answers on social media.

This particular job was unpaid, but all expenses were reimbursed. Enough to travel in the best conditions and spend the best year of your life. So which of these dream jobs would you like to land?

So, which of these dream jobs made you want to change? If you haven't had enough, go watch the movie 'Irreductible', in which the hero is forced to take on several unusual jobs, some of which will put stars in your eyes! Irreducible, a comedy by Jérôme Commandeur, available now on VOD.