Top 25 sad phrases that make you cry

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-23 20:39:05

If we often hide it, there is no shame in crying because there is nothing more human. Sometimes a few tears find their source in a sad sentence that we would have liked not to hear, because we do not like to cry. Here are 25 sad quotes that make you cry.

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If crying is often synonymous with pain and sadness, we sometimes cry for joy, happiness, even laughter. There are many emojis that exist to describe this beautiful emotion. How can the same natural and human phenomenon come from two very contradictory feelings? A question of emotions and each person, man and woman, has their own way of managing them!

When the eyes become wet, we sometimes abuse it when we are children, but becoming an adult does not make us impervious to tears, quite the contrary, even if crying becomes rarer. However, the older we grow, the more we are subject to rupture, whether it comes from the circle of family, friendship or love . The source of pain or depression is all the more multiple.

When we see someone crying, male or female, we have this natural thought that this person is sad when they may have received some wonderful news that broke them emotionally, such as a marriage proposal by example, or the announcement of a new pregnancy.

Alas, even if we hide this feeling most of the time, even from our closest family and friends, sadness is part of everyday life even if we don't wish it on you. It can also happen that an illustrious stranger comes to get us out of a lonely grief. Moments of spleen, when melancholy takes hold of your mind and a dust in the eye comes to redden the eyelid. Besides, can we think that it is loneliness that makes us sad or is it sadness that makes us lonely? This is not a quotation but gives to meditate with love.

This sadness can have several causes and is often linked to grief, unhappiness, pain, loneliness, abandonment, despondency, mourning, bitterness, nostalgia, disappointment , to worry, to grief, to suffering, to disenchantment, to disillusion, to melancholy, to depression, to nostalgia, to spleen, even to boredom. A host of feelings that no man or woman likes to have.

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If there are so many words to describe what can make us cry, we often have trouble finding them to explain why. There is no way or magic bullet to escape it. Whether it's a breakup, a death, a disappointing friendship or an absent parent. However, the most common origin of sadness lies in love. Love makes you sad and makes you cry. Indeed, love is a feeling that will bring us the most joy and happiness but which has this unfortunate gift of quickly bringing us down emotionally.

Love, that beautiful feeling, is just as vulnerable, and that's what makes it easy to break. When a love disappoints us, hurts us, leaves us, through gestures or phrases that we did not want to hear, the heart breaks and we cry because there is nothing more human.

Beyond the vagaries of life, if there is one thing that arouses emotions in us, it is art. In all its forms, art can be a refuge and also convey the answers we seek to ward off our sadness. It is not rare that an author, through a text, carries a message of hope despite the sadness and makes us learn so much about life and its pain.

The art of sadness, a love quote for crying

Indeed, who hasn't already shed a little tear in front of a film, vibrate with emotions while listening to music or let yourself be pierced by the power of a painter's painting? And obviously, who has never let himself be transported through many feelings, whether happy or sad, through a book, whether it is poetry or a novel?

Fiction has this gift of being able to identify with it, of bringing us closer to a certain reality that touches us in the depths of our heart, of our soul. It can arise from the mind of a recognized writer like Victor Hugo or from an unknown author whose genius has nothing to envy to more illustrious authors.

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Many authors and writers have been able to put words, in writing, to define sadness, their own, to share it with those who read or listen to them. A person shares his discomfort, his pain and manages to touch a whole world that he did not even suspect. This is the paradox that leads us to drown our sorrows in a torrent of tears.

There are thus many phrases, proverbs and others citations sad that make you cry. We identify with it as if it were our own pain, on which we can finally put words, a definition that is personal to us and yet so universal. One can only learn about oneself through a proverb or a philosophical quote, even if it is sad to read.

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We therefore invite you to discover 25 sentences, examples of citation , proverb, text and sentence that convey what sadness is, that define it, making us cry but that can, however, do us a lot of good!

We advise you all the same to prepare your packet of tissues at your fingertips, because the tears could quickly flow when reading these sad sentences, with a well-affirmed melancholy. If you subscribe to sadness, these quotes will certainly be familiar to you, but you will see touching messages that can help you heal.

1. “Sapristi, what a sad text, I try to be cheerful but I write what I have” Oxmo Puccino

2. “Life is just one long loss of everything we love” Victor Hugo

3. “And long hearses, without drums or music, file slowly through my soul; vanquished hope cries, and the atrocious, despotic anguish, on my tilted skull plants its black flag” Charles Baudelaire

4. “Melancholy is a twilight. Suffering melts into a dark joy. Melancholy is the happiness of being sad” Victor Hugo

5. “One loves one's mother almost without knowing it, without feeling it, because it is natural like living; and one does not perceive the full depth of the roots of this love until the moment of the final separation. No other affection is comparable to this one, because all the others are of encounter, and this one is of birth; all the others are brought to us later by the chances of existence, and this one quickly since our first day in our very blood” Guy de Maupassant

6. “I'm tired boss, tired of having to run the roads and being alone like a sparrow in the rain. Tired of never having a friend to talk to, to tell me where we're going, where we're from and why. But above all, I'm tired of seeing men fight each other, I'm tired of all the pain and suffering I feel in the world.' John Coffey in the movie “The Green Line”

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7. “To mourn your mother is to mourn your childhood. Man wants his childhood, wants it back, and if he loves his mother more as he gets older, it's because his mother is his childhood. I was a child, I am no longer and I can't believe it” Albert Cohen

8. “What are they crying around my bed… It’s sad enough to die… If we still have to see others cry! “Marcel Pagnol

9. “The bitterest tears we shed over the graves come from the words we didn’t say and the things we didn’t do” Harriett Beecher Stowe

10. 'Don't be ashamed to have tears if you live sadly, because tears are the laundry of feelings' Bakar

11. “Trials have made me clairvoyant, tears have polished my vision and sadness has taught me the language of hearts” Khalil Gibran

12. “Nothing brings people together so quickly (even if it is often a deceptive connection) than a sad, melancholy understanding” Milan Kundera

13. “Who smiles is not always happy. There are tears in the heart that do not reach the eyes” Jane Austen

14. “A patient heart is a sad heart” Laure Conan

15. “I plan to write a smile but my pen fails. White sheet tight to gay things, it's strange” Sako

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16. “I know the feeling of sadness that the precariousness of everything inspires, I feel it every time a flower fades. But this is a sadness without despair” Hermann Hesse

17. “There is nothing safe in the world except pain; she is the only one who ruthlessly keeps what she promises” Mme de Staël

18. “Sorrow that does not speak secretly whispers to the heart overburdened with breaking” William Shakespeare

19. “Love grief is one of the most trying wounds we have to fight because it must be overcome alone, and above all in the greatest of silences” Yves Simon

20. “Browse to the panes like grief watchers do. I seek you beyond expectation, beyond myself. And I no longer know how much I love you, which of us two is absent” Paul Eluard

21. “Often a false joy is better than a sadness whose cause is true” René Descartes

22. “Do not let sadness embrace you before the earth takes you into its bosom” Omar Khayyâm

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23. 'A disease, a bereavement, we talk about it... but a heartache seals the words at the edge of the lips as if an incomprehensible modesty were to hold them back preventing us from communicating them to others' Eve Belisle

24. “I no longer know if I should laugh or cry, be silent or shout, I sort it out and I think that praying is the only way to let the sun shine. Some things bend me over backwards and others make me angry, a kind of contrast like the good weather chasing the storm” Blacko

25. “My nagging fits, sentiments in cement otherwise in six years, I will be found scissors in the skull, in the blood, lying” Oxmo Puccino