Top 25 of the most beautiful autumn landscapes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 15:53:02

Autumn is a season appreciated by fans of contemplative walks. Immerse yourself in the beauty of fall with these 25 stunning landscapes.

Why are fall colors so soothing?

A woman having fun with the autumn leavesCredit: Ridofranz

Upon arrival of autumn , many people feel a certain appeasement , a feeling of comfort and relief. The beginning of autumn marks a change of habits and lifestyle . The transition from spring to winter is seen as a period of renewal. Nature is getting ready to welcome the low temperatures and dons a nice light and romantic coat. The atmosphere becomes more refreshing and the last rays are less aggressive. Moreover, since we are starting to put on more covering clothes, the eyes of others are less important. No more little complexes and the feeling of having to show an irreproachable body during the summer.

The suffocation of summer is now far behind us. And since there is less glare from the sun, we can better perceive the landscape and the environment around us. We are then ecstatic at the sight of the beauty of the autumnal landscape. Some consider that this mild season is synonymous with well-being, because the colors of the environment soothe. Take advantage of autumn mornings to take a deep breath of fresh air. The nights are longer, which promotes restful sleep.

Scientists call it ' psychological heat » this feeling of calm and well-being that one feels at the sight of autumn landscapes. The nature that is about to be reborn sends back the hope of seeing better days. It's the season for the fall folklore practice of snuggling up in warm clothes and cozy throws while drinking a hot beverage. American researchers have explained this phenomenon with a simple fact. According to them, when outside temperatures start to drop, people tend to favor comforting and convivial activities such as sports or meditation. Nothing better to feel calm.

Why is fall a cool season?

A person walking through the forest in autumn Credit: scaliger

Here are some good reasons to think that fall is a really cool time.

  • The temperature is milder : there is no more scorching heat that makes us sweat right down to our hair. You can go outside without feeling overwhelmed by the sun and the air that is too dry.
  • There is less risk of sunburn: in autumn, the risk of sunburn or, at worst, of contracting skin cancer decreases compared to summer and winter. It is good to note that the snow which intensely reflects the rays is favorable to sunburn. But beware, this is not a reason to neglect the sunscreen, because UV rays can pass through the clouds.
  • The fall looks are irresistible: fashionistas are always eager for fall to put on their light jackets and sweaters, scarves and trendy tights. Summer looks are fine, but because of the heat, everything becomes uncomfortable. And in winter, it is especially necessary to think about warming up rather than being well dressed. The spring-autumn collections are therefore the most popular.
  • The colors of nature are flamboyant and warm.
  • The air is purer because the leaves, before falling, produce more oxygen and perfume the air with their intoxicating scent.
  • Fall decorations are beautiful and comforting.
  • The cozy drinks are gentle on the soul: cappuccino, iced coffee; pumpkin lattes, hot ginger tea, etc.
  • The markets are full of fruits and colorful vegetables that taste better in the fall. This gives the possibility of making delicious recipes.
  • You can use the oven every day to concoct good meals, because in summer, you have to limit their use to avoid overheating the house.
  • We can start watching the good Christmas and Halloween movies!

The 25 most beautiful autumn landscapes around the world

Here are some visual proofs to show you how much autumn beautifies natural landscapes.

1- Tronador volcano in Argentine

The Tronador volcano in Argentina during the fall Credit: JackF

This non-active volcano is part of a well-preserved nature reserve in Argentina. During the fall, the landscape formed by this volcano and the lush vegetation that surrounds it is a unique spectacle.

2- Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

The Jiuzhaigou Valley in China Credit : Aresolympia

China is known for its vegetation with a thousand colors . In Jiuzhaigou Valley, one can see a perfect example of the magnificence of all these colors in harmony during autumn.

3- Tuscany, Italy

A beautiful landscape in Tuscany Credit: Dar1930

The city of Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. During autumn, nature takes on such a romantic unified color. A paradise for hikers.

4- Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto, Japon

The Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto, in Japan Credit : Sean Pavone

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is perched on a beautiful hill in Kyoto, Japan. In spring, the flowering trees unfold various colors, while in autumn, the vegetation turns red-orange to sublimate the landscape.

5- Stowe, Vermont, USA

Stowe Park in Vermont, USA Credit: haveseen

The beauty of this countryside American in the fall is of rare beauty. The tranquility of the place is also unparalleled. Tourists come here to relax peacefully.

6- Savigny-les-Beaune, Burgundy, France

A forest in autumn in Burgundy, France Credit: Falombini

There is no shortage of beautiful autumnal landscapes in France . As proof, this natural setting in golden colors in the forest of Savigny-lès-Beaune, in Burgundy.

7- Provence, France

The vineyards in autumn in Provence Credit: Max Labeille

The expanses of Provençal vines as far as the eye can see are adorned with a thousand shimmering colors in autumn.

8- Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada

A park with a lake in Canada Credit: Elenathewise

This immense natural park with a large lac in Canada offers a rolling and lush landscape all year round. The colors are particularly flamboyant during the fall.

9- Zion National Park, USA

Zion National Park in the United States Credit: Jonathan Ross

The Great Zion National Park in the United States is home to several hundred different tree species. In autumn, the leaves of its trees turn a brilliant and beautiful color under the rays of the sun. The reflections in the lake are a feast for the eyes.

10- Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

Denali National Park Credit: mbarrettimages

In Alaska, in the northern United States, temperatures are cool all year round. But that does not prevent nature from taking on a pretty golden red color during the fall.

11- Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo Credit: travelinglight

This huge volcano lake in New Zealand feeds the soil which grows lush vegetation. During the fall, the landscape is resplendent.

12- Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

The Kananaskis Valley, in Canada Credit: RuslanKaln

This village in the Kananaskis in the heart of Canada is renowned for its preserved natural environment. During the fall, the leaves of the trees offer a flamboyant color before falling and giving way to snow.

13- Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Highlands in Scotland Credit: rechitansorin

The Scottish landscapes are immense with an island charm. The Highlands line the cliffs and are home to rich vegetation. In autumn, they offer breathtaking views with such soothing colors.

14- Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle in the heart of a forest in Germany Credit: RudyBalasko

An autumn walk in the Bavarian Forest in Germany to visit Neuschwanstein Castle promises a unique journey. In addition to an unforgettable cultural and historical immersion, you will admire a landscape of flamboyant colors.

15- Absaroka Range, USA

The Absaroka chain, in the United States Credit: T Schofield

This magnificent forest in height shelters many curiosities of nature. The hikes are particularly fascinating here, especially in autumn, thanks to the orange-yellow landscape that is reflected in the glacial lakes.

16- Buan, South Korea

The landscape of Buan in South Korea in autumn Credit: Gap Im Hong

This forest-strewn territory in South Korea is a popular place for a walk in autumn. The beauty of the environment and the clean air intoxicate more than one.

17- Japanese Alps, Japan

The Japanese Alps in autumn Credit: nicholashan

Japan is home to many impressive landscapes in its high mountains. The Japanese Alps have the particularity of being very beautiful and romantic thanks to their pretty colors in autumn.

18- The ten mountains of Banff National Park, Canada

View of the 10 Mountain Range in Banff Park Credit: heyengel

Located in the mountains Canadian Rockies, Banff Park offers a sublime panorama all year round. During the fall, the landscape is still sublime when the sun illuminates the radiant colors of the leaves which are reflected in the water.

19- Les Backwaters du Kerala, in India

Kerala Backwaters Park in autumn Credit: Christian Ouellet

Nothing is more spellbinding than a boat trip on the waters of the Backwaters of Kerala Park, India. The canals are surrounded by a forest which takes on a magnificent color in autumn. The reflection of these vegetation perfectly reflects their light on the waters.

20- Chelyabinsk, Russia

Eglise St. Alexander Nevsky in Russia Credit : MIKHAIL GALYSHEV

Chelyabinsk is a quiet, forested region in Russia. During the fall, its bucolic hills offer a bewitching landscape before taking on a soft white coat during the winter season.

21- The lakes of Sweden

View of the Swedish lakes Credit: RYSZARD FILIPOWICZ

The Valley of the Lakes in Sweden is a great place to watch the sunset or sunrise in autumn. On the shores of the lakes, the vivid colors of the trees per thousand shimmer on the surface of the water, offering a breathtaking vision.

22- The Utladalen Valley, Norway

A beautiful landscape over the Utladalen valley in Norway Credit: Stefan Wille

This immense valley has waterfalls, sumptuous fjords and well-preserved vegetation. When the transcendent light of autumn illuminates the shimmering vegetation, the landscape sparkles fabulously.

23- Kyoto, au Japon

The city of Kyoto in Japan Credit : Joaquin Ossorio-Castillo

In Japan, big cities can also offer a beautiful natural spectacle in autumn. This is the case of Kyoto, a city renowned for its many green spaces as well as its wooded temples which are covered with yellow and orange leaves, offering a mystical and melancholic landscape.

24- Le park Vondelpark, in Hollande

View sur le parc de Vondelpark, in Hollande Credit: Jan van der Wolf

Vondelpark is the green lung of the city of Amsterdam. During the fall, this park intoxicates visitors who like to stroll through its soothing alleys, with its golden colors.

25- La Lantignié in the Rhône

Nature in autumn in the Rhône France Credit: Michel PERES

Among the many green spaces to walk in autumn in France, the commune of Lantignié, in the Rhône, is sublime. Walkers indulge to their heart's content in enjoying the bucolic and romantic landscapes of changing colors.