Top 15 of the most beautiful mountain landscapes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-19 20:01:01

Mountains are wonders of nature. Depending on the region, the mountain landscapes are different. Here are the 15 most beautiful captured in photo.

The mountains: giants of nature

Mountain landscape Credits: Biletskiy_Evgeniy

A Mountain is a land elevation caused by the collision of two tectonic plates . The mountains are present all over the world . This makes the mountain landscapes all different , because of vegetation a you climate .

Hugely represented in paintings on paintings, or printed on photo paper, mountains have always fascinated art lovers . You should know that the mountains have majestic shapes . They can be covered with grass , as they can be of trees. Some hint at a stone or two, while others are completely devoid of vegetation . The mountains also have this particularity of change clothes according to the seasons . Sometimes white in winter, yellow in fall , sunny in summer and flowery in spring, the mountains are true beauties of nature.

It is also important to mention that the region where a mountain is located greatly influences its appearance. A mountain in South America will be completely different from a mountain in Scotland. It is precisely this diversity that makes these giants of nature are also fascinating, and which makes mountain landscapes among the most beautiful in nature.

Top 15 of the most beautiful mountain landscapes

Parc national de Rainier Credits : Drew Payne

For your greatest pleasure, here 15 photos of mountain landscapes strikingly beautiful.

The alpine meadows of the Austrian mountains

Mountains in Austria Credits: MattRied

L’ Austria is a country known for its lakes, its meadows, for Mozart, but also for its Alps. The austrian alps extend over a large part of the territory, and make up a breathtaking landscape.

In autumn, the mountains are adorned with a yellow veil. Each mountain features a mix of colors between green and orange tones. At sunset, the mountains of the Austrian Alps offer a most incredible spectacle.

The waterfalls of Krimml

Austrian Alps Credits: DaLiu

Always in the Austrian Alps , here are the krimml waterfalls . Their clear water passes from valley to valley, surrounded by stones and trees of impressive size.

This type of landscape is characteristic of European mountain landscapes. Fir forests are commonplace in these regions. The only vision of photos of the mountains hiding the Krimml waterfalls is a real invitation to travel.

The Quiraing in Scotland

Quiraing Credits : Daniel_Kay

Scotland is a region of Europe where nature is predominant. The vegetation there is not dense, as in certain countries of South America or Africa . However, it is present almost everywhere, from the countryside to the cities, passing through the prairies and, above all, the mountains.

The Quiraing massif is one of the most famous in Britain. It is a formation of several mountains, crossed by a passable road. Thanks to this route, it is possible to admire the beauty of these mountains, with your hair in the wind. At sunrise, the Quiraing mountains are even more highlighted. It is when the sky is tinged with blue and orange that the spectacle is most bewitching.

The Naranjo de Bulnes

Asturias in Spain Credits: AlbertoLoyo

The Asturias in Spain are the very representation of the Mediterranean mountain landscape. The light greenery and small bushy trees form an interesting contrast with the oversized mountains.

The mountains of Asturias in Spain are different from those of other countries in Europe. Indeed, their stone is very apparent, and the shape of the mountains is damaged, which gives an impression of ' jagged mountains '. But it is precisely this particularity, combined with the incredible size of the peaks, that makes this massif one of the most beautiful and impressive in Europe.

Le Château de Hohenzollern

Castle in Germany Credits: bluejayphoto

The Château de Hohenzollern  is one of the oldest in Germany. It is perched at the very top of a mountain, itself surrounded by the sea. When you look towards the castle, your gaze is directly drawn to the horizon that looms behind it. Every photo of Hohenzollern Castle seems to be a painting, or an image from some romantic comedy featuring the Middle Ages.

The French Atlantic Pyrenees

Landscape of the French Pyrenees Credits: Hernan Lopez

France is a country with very varied landscapes. The Pyrenees in France are among the most famous mountains worldwide. Every year, many public figures decide to spend their holidays in this dream setting.

One of the peculiarities of Pyrenees in France is the very mild climate of this region. This gives rise to clear vegetation and mountains lightly draped in a green veil.

The mountains in Corsica

Corsican mountains Credits: joningall

The race is an island located in the territory of France. Its vegetation includes many species of plants, such as heather, broom, strawberry tree, myrtle and holm oaks. It is this varied flora that creates the different color contrasts of the mountains of this island.

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean , Corsica has the same characteristics as the islands located near Greece or Italy. In any case, the flowery mountains, associated with the sea and the almost endless mountains, form a landscape worthy of the most beautiful artist's canvases.

The Circus of Mafate

Entrance to the Cirque de Mafate Credits: Simeon

Change of dimension and direction by heading for the Circus of Mafate . This mountain range is located on the Reunion Island .

Reunion is located in the Indian Ocean , a few hundred kilometers from Madagascar. Unlike the landscapes of Europe, the landscapes of the Indian Ocean are much denser. This is mainly due to the humid climate of this region of the globe.
The Cirque de Mafate brings together several mountains, whose valleys are crossed by a winding river.

Snow showers in the Alps

The snow-capped Alps Credits: cdbrphotography

When it comes to Alps in Europe, it is impossible not to imagine them covered in snow. Indeed, the snow is an integral part of each mount of this mountain range. Since the Alpine peaks are several hundred kilometers above sea level, they are crowned with a layer of eternal snow that never melts.

The snow brings this characteristic white of the mountains of Switzerland and Savoy.

Did you know that the mountain featured on the famous Toblerone chocolate logo, the Matterhorn, is located in the Swiss Alps?

The Alps in summer

Alps mountains in summer Credits: bluejayphoto

In winter, white is the dominant color in the Alps . In summer, the mountains take on color . Between the blue of the lakes, the blue of the sky, and the green of the different meadows and mountains, the Alps in summer are the guarantee of a spectacular view. The photos are very often found on postcards or in advertising to invite you to travel.

View of Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy Credits: sam74100

The Lake Annecy is a lake whose shape is closer to that of a river. You should know that Lake Annecy is surrounded by mountains. Towns and villages are nestled at the foot of these mountains, between water and stone. Seen from above, Lake Annecy surrounded by mountains offers a majestic spectacle. If you want to take an anthology photo, stand on top of a mountain and make sure that the lake is in the background. You are then sure to collect likes!

Le lac firist Bachalsee

Reflection of Lake First Bachalsee Credits : sunflower Jin

The surroundings of the lake Firist Bachalsee in Switzerland make up a very special mountain landscape. Indeed, this lake is located on one of the highest mountains of the Swiss Alps. It is therefore a lake surrounded by white and snow, in the midst of stone mountains with peaks also adorned with white and snow. When the sun is in the right place, the reflection of the mountains takes shape very nicely on the lake. An atypical landscape, and one of the most impressive.

Le Cap de Stokksnes

Cap de Stokksnes Credits : Pilat666

The Cap de Stokksnes recalls the magical landscapes we imagined as children. Yellow mixed with green, and this little hint of purple from lavender form a palette of varied colors that go together perfectly. The stone mountains in this region of Europe are very imposing in size.

The ruins of Kilchurn Castle

Ruins of Kilchurn Castle Credit: Rod Hill

In the category ' lake and ruins there are the ruins of the kilchuurn castle . The stone castle sits on Loch Awe, in an area of ​​Scotland where vegetation is sparse due to a relatively dry climate. However, this climate gives the plants a slightly yellow color, which offers an incredible color contrast with the mountains.

The stone castle has fallen into disrepair by the lake, where it has always been. The large mountains in the background seem to caress the sky.

Glencoe, Scotland

Glencoe, Scotland Credits: FedevPhoto

Scotland and nature is a great and true love story. The valley of Glencoe  is the proof. Between the mountains stretches a layer of green and yellow grass. The exposed rough stone of the mountains goes perfectly with the softness of the flora of the region .