Top 100 jokes for April 1st

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 10:51:02

Every year, April 1 carries its share of jokes or pranks. Here are the best jokes to make on this date.

Top ideas for April Fools jokes to do at home with the family

Photo of a laughing father and son in a living room Credit: PeopleImages

The April 1st is the favorite day of jokers and pranksters. the poisson d'avril  remains one tradition  enigmatic symbolized by a fish usually glued to the back. here are jokes to do at home for your children or parents on this date to give you an idea funny :

  • Replace the batteries in the remote control with a small paper fish. The next person watching TV will have a hard time zapping until they want to change the batteries!
  • Replace the tube of toothpaste with a tube of mayonnaise in a discreet way.
  • Take all the water bottles in the house, then pour salt or sugar into them. Put them back in place.
  • Stick moving eyes on the products in the fridge.
  • When the victim is sleeping, put fake plastic spiders on them to scare them away.
  • Pour drops of poster paint on the floor to make it look like someone has a nose or foot bleed.
  • Snap your fingers under the carpet, and when the victim steps on it: 'clack-clack-clack-clack'!
  • Unplug the coffee maker or toaster
  • Take newspaper, make balls with it and put them on the end of the shoes of your father, your mother, or your brothers and sisters.
  • Attach a piece of tape to the phone receiver.
  • Tie a knife and fork together with invisible tape. Put the plate on the ribbon tying the two cutlery.
  • Take the coffee to your parents in bed: the cups should be empty. Pretend to trip and knock over the cups on the duvet.
  • Put whipped cream in the hand of a sleeping person. Tickle her nose to get her hands on her face. It will be all smeared.
  • Replace hand wash soap with sunflower oil.
  • Take a sheet of paper without highlighting it too much. When the victim bends over, rip them to make them think their pants just ripped. You can also use fabric adhesive.
  • On the chewing gum, put the product so as not to bite your nails.
  • The evening before April 1st, put food coloring in the milk as a surprise for breakfast.
  • While your brothers are sleeping, sneak back to their bedroom on April Fool's Day and apply some nice nail polish to their fingers and toes. Then hide the polish remover bottles.
  • Put salt on your parent's or sibling's toothbrush.

Top April Fools jokes for kids to do at school or college

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Here are some ideas of pranks to do at school to make the comrades laugh:

  1. Take a pen and write 'April Fools' on your arm or draw a little fish. At recess, pretend to be in pain and hide the fake injury. The teacher will realize that it was an April Fool's joke.
  2. Put dish soap in the teacher's sponge.
  3. Write a ridiculous story about someone, then have a teacher or a friend read it. At the end, write 'You wasted a minute of your life reading this, April Fool's'!
  4. Put oil or poster paint on the stair railings.
  5. Stick your teacher's chalk with glue on the edge of the blackboard and hide your teacher's pad and chair!
  6. Take some pepper and throw it at the people in your college.
  7. Put some dish soap in your hand, then shake everyone's hand.
  8. Put a whoopee cushion on the chair of your teacher or your classmates. Laughter guaranteed!
  9. Go to school early and put up the following sign: 'SCHOOL CLOSED DUE TO STRIKE'.
  10. The day before April 1, put cat or dog kibble in a small packet. Then stick a label on it by marking 'for (your first name)' by signing 'your grandparents'. The next day, at recess, tell your friends: 'My grandparents gave me cupcakes, do you want some?' They will certainly say 'yes' and when they taste 'yuck!'
  11. Cut out hundreds of fish (out of paper) and put them in your teacher's school bag.
  12. Take an eraser, make a small hole, then put a lead pencil.
  13. Stretch a piece of cellophane paper over the toilet bowl.
  14. On a black-colored phone, put a layer of black shoe polish at ear level. When the person picks up, they will have their ears all waxed.
  15. Hang a transparent thread from a glass. When the victim wants to drink, pull on the wire so that the glass spills on him.
  16. Plug the holes in the pepper pot with a piece of tape glued to the inside of the lid.
  17. Put petroleum jelly on all the doorknobs in the school.
  18. In the canteen, put pepper on a napkin and carefully fold it up. When the victim unfolds his napkin, everyone will sneeze.

Top April Fool's jokes to do at home or to your friends in France

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Are you looking for april fool jokes to do to your friends ? Here is a list to give you an idea:

  1. A frozen juice or cocktail: offer a glass of Jell-O as fruit juice.
  2. Fake Ice Cream: Make an appetizing dessert with mashed potatoes instead of ice cream.
  3. Cheese-flavoured orange juice: Pour the contents of one packet of Kraft Dinner-style powdered cheese into a pitcher, then fill with water.
  4. Vanilla flavored mayonnaise: Replace the mayonnaise with vanilla pudding.
  5. A soap that does not soap: spread a layer of transparent nail polish on the soap. Let it dry and put it back in place.
  6. Shallow toilets: line the bowl with plastic wrap placed under the lid, and be ready to pick up the mess.
  7. The Cursed Phone: Tie your victim's phone with rubber bands. Call him several times a day.
  8. A fresh mint flavored Oreo cookie: Replace the cream of a few Oreo cookies with toothpaste.
  9. Very fresh cereals: prepare a bowl of cereal the day before, then put it in the freezer.
  10. A sunny-side up egg: place half a peach in syrup on a plate on yogurt to give the appearance of a sunny-side up egg.
  11. A donut with mayonnaise: the latter will mimic the appearance of vanilla cream.
  12. Fake money: stick coins on the ground in front of the house.
  13. A grand entrance: attach a compressed air horn to the wall opposite a door handle.
  14. A room lined with Post-its
  15. An apple of onion-flavoured taffy: replace the apple with an onion.

Top ideas for jokes or pranks for April 1st to do between colleagues at the office

Indian woman laughing while eating pizza with co-workers in an office File photo Credit: fizkes

here are some prank ideas or jokes to tell your colleagues at bureau :

  1. The cult replicas
  2. Imaginary sick
  3. The wallpaper
  4. The deleted file
  5. The failed joke
  6. Amazon delivery
  7. The (false?) rumor
  8. Troll your office fridge with googly eyes
  9. The trapped corporate photo
  10. An office joke that hits the mark
  11. Webcam on
  12. April 1 fake cake
  13. Make your colleague jump in fright
  14. Mustard cupcakes, in the same spirit!
  15. Prepare very special preserves for the office fridge
  16. Explain keyboard shortcuts to colleagues
  17. If your colleague is a troll, troll him...
  18. The blague du clavier fertile
  19. Offer trapped candy apples to your colleagues
  20. A new BSOD wallpaper
  21. Make your co-worker think you're sneezing on their screen
  22. Turn your office into a playroom
  23. A crime scene in his office
  24. The broken elevator joke
  25. Having fun in the hallways
  26. Decorate the bottom of his colleague's cup
  27. Isolate yourself to work better
  28. For those who work in a supermarket…
  29. A Dell mouse, running in the grass...
  30. The hanging desk joke
  31. Voice commands on the printer…really?
  32. And a troll in the photocopier!
  33. More difficult to do, it will probably resist...
  34. Paper newspapers can still be used for something!
  35. Join his office, challenge accepted!
  36. A joke for his colleagues with oversized egos
  37. Fill an office with balloons
  38. 'Improve' the seat of his colleague
  39. Transformer le bureau du boss on golf terrain
  40. The famous joke of the broken PC screen
  41. A bear in the open space
  42. Spiders on a desk!
  43. Install traps in hallways
  44. Write something under a colleague's mug
  45. The small foam office chair, which soars in the hallway
  46. A keyboard difficult to assume
  47. An office, difficult to assume
  48. Decorate co-worker's phone