Tonight, don't miss the appearance of the aurora borealis in the French sky

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 20:46:02

Tonight, the Northern Lights will appear in the sky! A magical phenomenon not to be missed under any circumstances!

You may not know it, but northern Lights were observed in France on the night of Sunday February 26 to Monday February 27. An extremely rare phenomenon that is likely to happen again tonight, especially in Normandy.

As our colleagues from BFM TV point out, the appearance of this nocturnal spectacle – which generally occurs near the North and South poles – is due to strong solar activity.

« The activity of the Sun has been very sustained for several days, and a coronal mass ejection (CME) has reached the Earth in recent hours, since the aurora borealis has been photographed this evening in France “, commented on Twitter Asso Infoclimat.

Northern lights will light up the sky tonight

As we mentioned below, this luminous phenomenon is likely to repeat itself on the evening of Monday, February 27.

« Look at the sky. In the worst case, you will see stars, and in the best case, a very rare and beautiful phenomenon “Said Éric Lagadec, astrophysicist at the observatory of the Côte d’Azur.

This exceptional event will appear around 9 p.m. in the United Kingdom and in northern France. Now you know what you have to do!

Source : BFM TV