Tip: here's how to put your windows in winter mode and lower your electricity bill

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-06 19:43:13

With soaring energy prices, we are all looking to save money. And you probably don't know it, but all you need to do is adjust your windows correctly to reduce your heating bill.

Crédit : MihaPater / iStock

L' trick easy is to switch your windows to winter mode. Performing this adjustment is very simple since all you need is a screwdriver. The first step is to open the window you want to put into winter mode. Then, you have to locate a small metal pin on the edge. On most models, the latter is located at the handle. Once you locate the pin, using a suitable screwdriver, turn clockwise. Finally, close the window and that's it!

As a result of this small manipulation within everyone's reach, you will obtain much better insulated windows. And when we know how cold can get inside our homes as soon as the temperatures drop, switching your windows to winter mode is particularly effective. Not only does this prevent you from getting sick, but above all it allows you to heat your home less and thus lower the bill significantly.

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How does it work ?

Whether you have wood, pellet, electric, heat pump, gas, oil or thermodynamic heat pump heating, it's a great way to save energy while maintaining a pleasant temperature! And it works great for Windows PVC and aluminum. By turning the screw in one direction or the other, the pressure of the window is adjusted. Thus, by choosing winter mode, the seal is more compressed against the frame, so it supports more and reduces air infiltration.

Be careful though, once the good weather returns, you will have to think about doing the reverse manipulation to ventilate the interior of your home!