TikTok: this woman earns her living by selling photos... of her feet

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 18:29:02

Here is a new trend that is emerging on social networks: making money by selling photos... of your feet! This is what Victoria, a young woman of 24, who manages to live thanks to this practice, does.

It seems that all means are good to earn money! On social networks, Internet users are using new and more original methods to make a few tickets. This is the case of Victoria, a young woman of 24, who earns money by selling… photos of her feet .

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Victoria is far from the only woman to have started this activity because more and more Internet users decide to devote themselves to this business to make some money. If Victoria earns income from her photos, exposing her feet is also a way for her to relax.

“Basically, I was a little ashamed of my feet. One day, I met a fetishist who told me that I had magnificent feet, divine feet. He really freaked me out about it.' , she confided in a video published by Brut.

She sells pictures of her feet

Every day, Victoria receives a lot of messages from people who would be interested in buying her photos . The young woman then responds to the requests of her clients and must create scenes to match their desires, wearing sandals, tights or even high heels. In addition to her photos, Victoria can also make videos of her feet.

“I am asked, for example, to put on barefoot shoes, to take them off, to caress the foot: so I make a video of it that I sell for 20 euros” , explained the young woman.

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And it must be said that Victoria's business is working well! In a video posted on TikTok , the young woman claims to have already made a Smic in just two weeks. Her income varies each week depending on the number of requests she receives. On average, if Victoria responds to 10 requests in one day, she earns 100 euros. This is how his activity became his main source of income.

A legal practice

Far from falling into pornography, Victoria decided to set limits and only sell pictures of her feet, not the rest of her body. Although she is poorly framed, selling photos of her feet is a perfectly legal practice. In addition, there is little danger in doing this business on the internet. The only inconvenience may be the diversion of content, when people distribute the photos without the agreement of the principal concerned and without having paid him.

Besides selling pictures of her feet, Victoria also sells her dirty socks. Indeed, he sometimes receives messages asking him to wear socks for two days and then send them by post. A business like no other, but one that works for many women today.

Source : Brut