Three chimpanzees in danger after being kidnapped by poachers demanding a ransom

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 11:34:05

Incredible but nevertheless serious story in the DRC , after the kidnapping of three monkeys, threatened with death by unscrupulous kidnappers.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently shaken by a strange case, against the backdrop of animal kidnapping.

Three chimpanzees , who were staying in a refuge in the province of Katanga, were kidnapped on the night of September 8 to 9 by kidnappers who are demanding a ransom.

Determined, the latter - probably poachers - demand a staggering six-figure sum and threaten to decapitate the poor primates in the event of non-payment.

Chimpanzees abducted by kidnappers, Congo

Saved at the beginning of the month by the shelter J.A.C.K (Young Animals Confiscated in Katanga) located in Lubumbashi, these three chimpanzees are therefore in danger.

Baptized César, Hussein and Monga, they appear diminished and frightened in recordings that the kidnappers sent to those in charge of the center.

On one of the videos we can even see one of the monkeys held prisoner, wrists and ankles bound.

An intolerable situation for the management of the refuge, powerless in the face of such threats.

« This is the first time in the world that great apes have been kidnapped for ransom. “, deplores Frank Chantereau (who founded the J.A.C.K center with his wife) in remarks reported by BFM TV .

« We've been living in a movie for three weeks. If we don't pay the ransom, they'll decapitate a baby's head and send it to us. We're living a nightmare “, he continues, worried.

According to him, the kidnappers would be people working for the shelter or having access to the infrastructures because no trace of break-in was noted on the night of the kidnapping.

A thesis that seems credible because these chimpanzees are very fearful and only allow themselves to be approached by familiar faces.

« Keep mobilizing, they need you the shelter tweeted on Sept. 25, sharing the latest video sent in by the kidnappers.

This case is a reminder of how poaching remains a scourge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where criminals and other armed groups do not hesitate to engage in the illegal trade in wild animals, thus threatening local biodiversity.