This woman turns her vitiligo into an art and paints her body

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-25 10:01:01

When Amara Aleman discovers that she has vitiligo in 2017, she decides to become an inspiration to others. Zoom.

It's not always easy to accept yourself, especially when you have a physical difference. This was the case of Amara Aleman who discovered in 2017 that she had vitiligo . A disease which generally begins to appear around the age of 20 and which manifests itself by depigmentation skin. The causes of vitiligo are genetic.

Art as therapy

At 28 today, Amara Aleman has in a few years become an icon of Vitiligo and self-acceptance . While she was struggling to love herself, the young woman decided to take control of her sickness and do something positive with it. She therefore made videos on TikTok where she made her illness an art. How ? Every day, she paints the outlines of her traces of depigmentation with paint.

Works on his body that highlight his vitiligo. Asked by BuzzFeed , she said: 'I was working as a dancer in the theater...and I completely stopped dancing. I didn't know anyone else with vitiligo in my life, and I didn't think my friends or family would understand.'

A source of inspiration

The young woman says that she met a partner who changed her life: 'The relationship has really allowed me to tap into my creativity from a much more loving and accepted environment. I've always been very creative, so the idea of ​​creating art with my skin came naturally, but a Once I saw the reception online and read the comments about how positively it affected people with the disease, the project took shape.'

Having become a real source of inspiration, the young woman declared that this art had become an outlet for her: 'I'm sharing these looks because it's therapy for me, it's an outlet to create and I really enjoy doing it. And every time I get a comment from someone who has vitiligo or knows someone one with the disease saying he's inspired by my art, it's almost surreal.' As a reminder, around 1% of the world's population is affected by vitiligo, i.e. 70 million people.

Credit: amara_artspots

Credit: amara_artspots

Credit: amara_artspots

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