This woman discovers her boyfriend's hidden child in the worst possible way

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 16:03:02

An American has just experienced a particularly painful betrayal in love: she discovered the existence of the hidden child of her boyfriend in the worst possible way.

Recently, a TikTok user (known under the pseudonym of @meatpiesoverpatties) saw one of her posts hit on the famous social network. The reason ? In the video, she details with a touch of humor the betrayal in love of which she was the victim: her boyfriend - who became an ex - hid the existence of his child from him.

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She discovers her husband's double life...

This story began when the young woman discovered that her companion at the time, nicknamed Oloshi, had attended her son's baptism party in secret, explains the magazine Entre Nous. ' Oloshi and I had been together for three and a half years at that time. So, on this beautiful spring day, I had prepared dinner and asked him to come “Said the main concerned.

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This day took a nightmarish turn when the latter received a text message from a friend accompanied by a photo of her boyfriend: “ Isn't it Oloshi? '. And the least we can say is that the good friend was right!

« I look at the Instagram account she gave me and I see a photo of my boyfriend, the mother of her daughter, a little boy, all matched in a perfect setting “, continued the Tiktokeuse. ' On the table was a menu that said 'Baby Smith' ».

...and settle accounts with him!

Unsurprisingly, the cheated wife was eagerly awaiting her mate's return to confront him. As soon as he walked through the door, he received a slap from his girlfriend.

Despite the evidence, the boyfriend denied everything: “ I made him tell the whole story and then I said 'What the hell is that?' showing him the picture and he looked at it as if I had given him an equation to solve “said @meatpiesoverpatties.

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Against all expectations, the culprit tried to turn the situation to his advantage: “ Why don't people want us to be happy “, he would have asked his wife.

Note that the young woman discovered that the first name of her ex was indeed registered on the birth certificate of the infant .

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