This woman did not wear deodorant for 1 year and the result is very surprising

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 17:09:01

A YouTuber claims she hasn't worn deodorant in a year because her fruit and veg diet eliminated her body odor.

Credit: Alyse Parker / Youtube

Alyse Brautigam (known on the networks as Alice Parker), 28, a resident of Hawaii, has been a vegan for two and a half years and currently eats an all-raw diet. In a new video for his channel YouTube Raw Alignment, she also claims to have gone an entire year without using deodorant. In her vlog, she claims that she doesn't need the product because the things she eats leave her body with a minimal amount of bad smell.

She explains that since changing her diet, “My hormones have balanced out even more and my body odor has changed a lot. » But it's not for lack of sweating, she said, adding: “I have been going to the gym for two years. And when I go to the gym, I sweat a lot. I'm not one of those people who go to training and don't sweat. I try to be sweaty at the end of the session. »

Credit: Alyse Parker / Youtube

Body odor changes with diet

Since switching to a vegan diet, she has noticed that she is considerably 'less stinky' than before. According to her, the raw diet to which she subscribes, consisting only of fresh fruits and vegetables, has allowed her to drive out the bad smells of his body. In her video, she takes the example of smoothie bars, which do not smell much, while bakeries, pizzerias and other similar establishments give off strong odors. “Your body smells differently depending on the food you eat” she asserted.

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