This video shot in Wuhan shows children playing on beams 35 meters high

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-23 18:43:01

A video shot in Wuhan, China , October 16 has made the buzz on the Internet, and you will quickly understand why.

Credit: KameraOne

Indeed, the latter, filmed by a resident from his balcony, shows a group of children playing on concrete beams, suspended above the void. If you give advice to those who have vertigo, go your way because you risk having cold sweats. In the excerpt (see here ), we can notably see three children , who seem to be very young, move in sidesteps over a space of only a few centimeters.

Credit: KameraOne

No accidents reported

According to the person behind the camera, at that time there would be about 35 meters under their feet. In other words, the slightest fall could have been fatal. Fortunately, despite this incredible risk-taking, no accident was deplored according to several local sources. Other good news, since the global impact of the video on social networks, access to the roof of the building has been condemned.

It's chilling, isn't it?