This US Army technique can put you to sleep in 2 minutes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 18:53:04

In France, 36% of people suffer from sleep disorders. If you are one of them, discover a trick to fall asleep in 2 minutes flat.

Many French people report suffering from at least one sleep disorder. sleep , according to one investigation conducted between 2016 and 2017 by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance.

Among these disorders is of course insomnia which poisons the lives and especially the nights of thousands of people.

Many of the latter feel that no matter what they do, they will never succeed. sleep , even if they were exhausted.

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This technique used by American soldiers would make it possible to fall asleep in 2 minutes

However, some claim that there are more or less verified techniques that would allow you to fall asleep in all circumstances.

As the site explains , a trick used by American soldiers allows you to fall asleep in just 2 minutes

Developed by the American athletics trainer Bud Winter, who was notably the mentor of sprinters John Carlos and Tomme Smith (remained famous for having mounted the podium at the Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968 with a black gloved hand), this technique would thus promote falling asleep very quickly.

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Described in the book Relax and win: championship Performance in whatever you do », it consists of a kind of ritual quite close to the practices developed in sophrology.

You must first lie down comfortably and relax your face and especially those of the tongue, jaw, forehead, cheek and eye area. By focusing on these muscles, for example by imagining that they become limp, you will achieve this.

You then have to relax your shoulders and let them fall as low as possible, then do the same with your arms and hands as if they suddenly became too heavy.

This is followed by the relaxation of the legs, one after the other, starting from the thighs to the feet.

Finally, once relaxed, all you have to do is empty your mind for at least 10 seconds, either by imagining that you are lying in a canoe on a peaceful lake under the sun, or in a large black velvet hammock in the middle of a room where it is completely dark.

If at the same time, you repeat to yourself internally 'Don't think about anything', falling asleep would be almost automatic according to Bud Winter.

96% of American soldiers, who used this technique when it was tested during the Second World War, would have fallen asleep in less than 120 seconds if we are to believe the trainer who died in 1985.

So, convinced?