This 'turbulent and untenable' pup was abandoned by a mother and daughter the day after she was adopted

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-29 13:27:03

Sadly, countless stories of pet abandonment make the news every year, but the one you'll discover in this article is particularly shocking.

Credit: SPA Mulhouse - Haute Alsace / Facebook

Indeed, a 3-month-old bichon frize puppy was abandoned… the day after it was purchased! Yes yes, you read that right. This sad episode took place recently in the city of Mulhouse, and more precisely on Sunday September 25 at the show which was held at the Parc-Expo. As of Monday, September 26, the young animal was brought to a shelter. It was the SPA Haute Alsace association that revealed the information via its Facebook page.

The mother and her daughter who had bought the animal went there barely 24 hours after their decision to take a dog and this very rapid change in decision greatly shocked the members of the association. How can you decide so quickly to get rid of a living being like a common sock? At refuge , the young woman, accompanied by her mother, did not disassemble and explained that the puppy had been “turbulent and untenable” In the evening.

A puppy paid 800 euros

Bought 800 euros “from a recognized and serious breeder” , the animal today symbolizes the unbridled consumption of some people who push them to see dogs and cats as stuffed animals. In the end, the impulse to buy costs the owner dearly and makes an animal unhappy. And as if that were not enough, the SPA made it known that the puppy was not yet adoptable, so he will have to wait to find a new loving home.

Source : SPA Mulhouse - Upper Alsace / Facebook