This therapy dog ​​was entitled to her portrait in the school souvenir album

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 12:01:02

In the United States, a therapy dog ​​was entitled to her own portrait in the school souvenir album. A first !

Meg, an adorable Golden Retriever, became a true superstar at Goshen Middle School, a college American located in the state of Ohio. The reason ? The therapy dog ​​is the first animal to have its own portrait in the school souvenir album.

Crédit Photo : megstagram_gms / Instagram

Crédit Photo: megstagram_gms / Instagram

And the least we can say is that the ball of fur loved to strike a pose in front of the lens. Indeed, Meg seems to be smiling in the photographs. You will understand, the doggie had a great time.

An exceptional therapy dog

As long as therapist female dog , Meg is specially trained to provide physical, social and emotional assistance to people in difficulty, in environments such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Crédit Photo: megstagram_gms / Instagram

Crédit Photo: megstagram_gms / Instagram

The Golden Retriever became Goshen Middle School's first therapy dog ​​almost two years ago. When the quadruped is not at school, he lives with Nelly DeNu, one of the school's math teachers. And the latter is full of praise for him:

« Meg can calm students down when they are upset (…) Children today need a little more attention and a little more support, and we found that resource in Meg “, indicated the young woman to the site The Dodo.

Before adding: She smiles all the time, she's super happy, super curious, and highly skilled and trained '. The female dog's job is also to pacify a stressful room.

Crédit Photo: megstagram_gms / Instagram

One thing is certain, the presence of Meg has the power to appease the college students and the staff members. At home, his favorite activities are going for walks, learning new tricks, shopping with his mistress and snuggling up with the household cats.

Source : The Dodo